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    Washington - Arlington angler reels in record-breaking pink salmon
    Stewart caught the 15.4-pound salmon Oct. 11 on the lower Stillaguamish River...

    Arizona - Winter trout offer a seasonal symphony of excitement
    Winter also provides some of the best fishing opportunities of the year at the famous.....

    Utah - Fall colors at Brough Reservoir
    Little reservoir produces big trout

    Minnesota - Recent trends suggest fewer people participating in outdoor recreation
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service show troubling declines in what once were the bread and butter activities....

    Wisconsin - Fall brings composting opportunities
    Leaves, small brush, grass clippings, and other organic material can be easily managed at home through composting....

    Washington - Some wildlife is more colorful than others
    It is a type of genetic mutation or defect in pigment cell differentiation....

    Washington - Transplant now
    Deciduous trees and shrubs are best transplanted after they have dropped the leaves in late fall or early winter...

    Montana - Old Shovelnose Sturgeon Living in the Yellowstone
    It was probably an adult and was likely 10-20 years old in 1982. The fish may be 35-45 years or older...

    Wisconsin - Mystery of catching more trophy muskies in the fall remains unsolved
    “There is a common perception that fall is the best time to catch trophy muskies,” says Tim Simonson, a Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist. “It’s hard to argue that point, given the fact that two 50-plus pound muskies...

    Wyoming - Life in the Slow Lane: Lake Trout in Wyoming Waters
    A lake trout approaching 24 inches could easily be 10 to 12 years old, and lake trout longer than 30 inches could be well into their 20s, or even 30s...

    North Dakota - New State Record Muskie Taken
    The Mandan angler reeled in a 46-pound 8-ounce muskie at New Johns Lake, besting both the pure muskie

    Arizona - Striped bass caught at Pleasant shatters the state record
    Arnold was planning to catch just one more fish before going to bed so he could get some sleep on the boat...

    Wyoming - Cheyenne angler broke the tiger trout record
    The Cheyenne angler broke the tiger trout record May 21 at High Savery Reservoir and on May 30 guided his good friend Charles Lammey of Colorado Springs to an even bigger fish

    Idaho - Two New Record Fish
    Until this year, the biggest carp of any kind on the record was 37 1/2 pounds...

    Arkansas - Forrest City angler sets goldeye bar at 11 ounces
    Randy Lee King of Forrest City became the first Arkansas goldeye record-holder May 6. He was fishing with a minnow in the St. Francis River near ForrestCity when the 11-ounce record struck.

    West Virginia - New State Record Striped Bass
    Pittman caught the 40.88-inch, 21.38-pound fish from Bluestone Lake

    Virginia - Long-Standing Musky Record Broken
    Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) has certified a new state record musky

    Georgia - Georgia Celebrates 75 Year World Record Largemouth Bass Catch
    George W. Perry at Montgomery Lake in Telfair County, Georgia has managed to hold onto its record for 75 years...

    Arkansas - Night crawlers lure another state-record sturgeon
    Steve Gracey of Forrest City set the latest record with a 3-pound, 6-ounce sturgeon taken from the St. Francis River

    "I had tossed two rock bass back but decided to keep this one only because it had been hooked deep."

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