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    - Most Recent Articles -

    Wisconsin - Winds, fluctuating temperatures, runoff mean changing ice conditions for sturgeon season
    Despite poor ice conditions now, the spearing season is set and goes on as scheduled...

    Texas - Parks & Wildlife magazine launches first-ever online fishing publication
    Unlike the traditional paper edition of Texas Parks & Wildlife, which is available only to paid subscribers, "Texas Fishing 2012" is free.

    Texas - Zebra Mussel Test Results on North Texas Lakes Reported
    Wildlife Service (USFWS) officials remain hopeful that the invasive aquatic species is still confined to Lake...

    Idaho - Canada Lynx Sighted on Salmon-Challis National Forest
    The last verified record of a lynx in east-central Idaho was an incidentally...

    Missouri - Porous-soled waders banned in Missouri trout waters
    Porous-soled waders and wading boots, worn by many trout anglers, appear to be a likely pathway...

    Idaho - Forecast Looks Good for Chinook Salmon Season
    Northwest fish managers estimate that more than 314,000 Chinook bound for waters upstream of Bonneville Dam...

    taking freshwater fish by trolling, the number of lines being used for angling must not exceed...

    Minnesota - DNR survey shows fewest fish houses on south-central lakes in 35 years
    Sundmark sees a couple of possible explanations for the dramatic dip in numbers....

    Washington - Fishing in rivers around Puget Sound to close

    Washington - Commissions call for further reductions in sturgeon catch on lower Columbia River
    reducing this year’s combined sport and commercial harvest levels by as much 38 percent...

    Pennsylvania - Commission Finalizes Fisheries Management Plan for Inland Walleye
    "The plan describes the history of walleye fish management, identifies the factors affecting...

    Kansas - Wild-caught bait may only be used in waters where caught; other restrictions passed
    Wild-caught bait may only be used in waters where caught; other restrictions passed...

    Washington - WDFW will enlist anglers, new website in pending battle against voracious pike
    In the coming months, state fishery managers plan to enlist anglers to remove as many northern pike...

    Washington D.C. - Tennessee Construction Company and Georgia Department of Transportation Agree to Pay $1.5 Million Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations
    The complaint alleges that between 2004 and 2007, Wright Brothers, with approval from GDOT, buried and buried all or portions of seven primary trout streams...

    Whirling disease (WD) doesn't harm people. But once it develops, it can be fatal to small trout and salmon...

    Texas - Second Texas Paddling Trail to Open in Seguin
    the slow current allows for kayakers and canoeists to vary their time on the water...

    Texas - More Texas State Parks Lifting Campfire, Cooking Restrictions
    Roughly two-thirds of the 93 state parks this week were reporting no burn ban restrictions....

    Oklahoma - Trout stockings resume at Lower Illinois River
    "Water shortages combined with insufficient flow reduces oxygen levels to a point where trout and native species cannot survive...

    Idaho - "Down Under" Poaching Suspects Arrested, Jailed
    Eleven charges have been filed against the men, with a combined bond set at $165,000....

    Oregon - Big trout headed for Willamette Valley waters
    This year brood stock weighing from 3 to 18 pounds will be released at least...

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