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    - Most Recent Articles -

    Minnesota - Mille Lacs Lake regulations changed to boost walleye population
    "Currently, the size and structure of the walleye population isn’t where we want it....

    New Mexico - License waiver for fishing events gains Legislature's approval
    And if you've never experienced fishing here, it could be getting a lot easier thanks to a 40-0 vote...

    Missouri - Seven Men Indicted for Alleged Trafficking of Paddlefish
    Paddlefish were once common in waters throughout the Midwest, but overfishing around the turn of the 20th century led to severe population declines...

    Oklahoma - Cedar Lake produces second state record largemouth bass in under 12 months
    "Last month, I bought a fishing license, and this month I have the state record for the largemouth bass," Miller said. ....

    Arkansas - AGFC stocks more than 200,000 fish in Arkansas during February

    Wisconsin - Wisconsin early inland catch-and-release trout season opens March 2
    While the best early-season fishing generally does occur in mid to late April, there are some golden opportunities in March....

    Minnesota - Zebra mussel veligers discovered in Lake Winnibigoshish
    t 58,544 acres, Winnibigoshish is the fourth largest lake in Minnesota. ...

    Wisconsin - Sturgeon spearers cautioned on variable Lake Winnebago system ice conditions
    "Ice conditions are variable, not only among the upriver lakes but on Lake Winnebago itself,"

    Minnesota - Moose population drops dramatically
    moose population has been in decline for years but never at the precipitous rate...

    Oregon - No spring chinook season on Deschutes River
    THE DALLES, Ore. –Fisheries managers have announced that the popular spring chinook fishery on the Deschutes River will not open in 2013. According to Rod French, district biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, managers are predicting fewer than 650 wild spring chinook will return to the Warm Springs River to spawn. Under the current Lower Deschutes River management plan, the predicted run must be at least 1,000 wild fish before ODFW can open a sport fishery on hatchery fish. “We have seen a significant decline in the return of wild fish over the last several years,” French said. “When the wild populations are this low, we can’t afford any incidental harvest from anglers targeting hatchery fish.” The return of hatchery fish to the two Deschutes River hatcheries is also expected to be low and any harvest may jeopardize future hatchery production and fishing opportunities in the river. The exact cause of the decline is unknown, but managers hope that allowing additional fish to return to spawning grounds will boost wild production. The Deschutes River is closed to all chinook fishing under permanent rule. However, when returns exceed management goals, a sport season can be opened under emergency rule. Past spring chinook seasons have typically opened in April. The fishery below Sherars Falls is extremely popular because high catch rates offer a good opportunity to catch a Columbia River spring chinook from the bank. Unlike the wild spring chinook population, the wild fall chinook population in the Deschutes River is one of the healthiest stocks in the Columbia Basin, and the anticipated return should be well above management goals. This will allow fishery managers to propose a sport fishing season for fall chinook beginning in August,,,

    Oregon - States set spring chinook, sturgeon seasons for Columbia and Willamette rivers
    From March 1 through April 5, boat fishing will be allowed seven days per week from Buoy 10 upstream...

    Oklahoma - Arbuckles' remarkable bass point to management successes
    That means each of the five largemouth bass on these two stringers weighed on average more than 8 pounds apiece! ,,,

    Washington - Columbia River season anticipates smaller run
    Brad James, a WDFW fish biologist, recommends that anglers look closely at the new fishing rules, because fishing periods in some areas will change...

    Idaho - Fish Mortality Reported at McCall Hatchery
    The estimated remaining inventory of 1,066,700 fry should be sufficient to..

    Minnesota - Conservation officers bust angler with nearly 250 fish more than legal limit
    "I asked how the fishing was and he said he caught some fish, but it wasn’t that great," ..

    Texas - Best Bass Lake in Texas? You Might be Surprised!
    The upper third is comprised of shallow, fast-flowing water with lots of large boulders...

    Arkansas - White River watershed recognized as National Blueway
    "The river is the recreational and economic lifeblood of communities from the Ozarks to...

    Officials with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) want anglers who fish Glen Elder Reservoir, also known as Waconda Lake...

    Oregon - Commission approves conservation plan for Rogue fall chinook
    the Rogue fall chinook plan starts with relatively healthy populations of fish....

    Washington - Commission approves policy to revamp Columbia River fisheries
    the new policy is designed to support conservation of wild salmon and expand the economic benefits the state derives...

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