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    Idaho - Results Released on Idaho Snow Goose Die Off
    Zinc phosphide is a compound used in rodenticides to control voles and other rodents that damage crops..

    Oregon - No spring Chinook season on Deschutes River
    Spring Chinook returns to the Deschutes – both wild and hatchery -- have been depressed the last several years...

    Idaho - Twelve Year Old Eagle Idaho Girl Sets World Record
    "I couldn't quit smiling," says Tia. "It was the biggest perch I've seen. I was kind of hoping it was a state record."

    Idaho - Giant Rainbow Trout Caught in North Fork Clearwater
    Their scale put the rainbow at 28.37 pounds. They say it was 32 inches long with an amazing girth of 28.5 inches...

    Oregon - 2015 groundfish rules; barbless hooks still required on lower Willamette
    For the first time since 2004, anglers will be able to retain one canary rockfish...

    Washington - Federal funding cuts lead to reductions in Columbia River hatchery coho, steelhead
    “These recent changes are another blow to recreational anglers and commercial fishers that rely on hatchery coho...

    Oregon - Coho bag limit in the Sandy, Clackamas and lower Willamette
    On several days over the past week more than 250 adult coho passed North Fork Dam...

    Washington - Angler Shatters Tiger Muskie Record
    two sculpin state records also fall...

    Idaho - Managers Raise South Fork Boise to Help Fish
    This window of high water will help recover fish habitat in the South Fork Boise River, one of Southwest Idaho’s most important trout streams...

    Idaho - Severe Weather Impacts South Fork Salmon Chinook
    They were able to save approximately 200 adult Chinook, while an estimated 1,200 were lost....

    Oregon - ODFW pilots new tactic to evaluate fish stocking on Wallowa Lake
    So to further fine tune the sample, a prescribed number of fish will have a reward tag that will earn the lucky angler who catches a tagged fish a $50 reward....

    Washington - Spring chinook fishery will reopen
    Recreational fishing closed in that area May 9, but fishery managers from Washington and Oregon approved..

    Idaho - Agreement Reached for Fishing Access on the Little Salmon River
    All property on both sides of the Little Salmon from its confluence with Rapid River downstream to milepost 193 is now private,....

    Idaho - Clearwater Anglers Can Keep the Big Ones
    "B-run" steelhead are those that spend two years in the ocean as opposed to "A-run"

    Washington - Three tributaries of Columbia River designated wild steelhead gene banks
    WDFW first identified wild steelhead gene banks as a recovery strategy in the Statewide Steelhead Management Plan...

    Washington - WDFW seeks comments on proposal to acquire access to Chapman Lake
    Once a popular fishing spot, the 128-acre lake near Cheney has been inaccessible to the public since...

    Oregon - States set spring Chinook seasons for Columbia River
    The Columbia River spring Chinook seasons are based on a forecast of 227,000....

    Idaho - Forecast Looks Good for Chinook Salmon Season
    forecast for numbers of returning hatchery fish that anglers can harvest are similar to 2008 and 2009...

    Oregon - ODFW considers stocking changes on Hosmer Lake
    The proposed changes to the hatchery stocking practices at Hosmer Lake come for two reasons...

    Oregon - Biologists revisit McDermitt Creek to remove non-native trout
    This will not be the first time ODFW has taken aim at non-native trout in McDermitt Creek...

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