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Wyoming Lakes & Reservoirs: - Palisades
Fishing Palisades Reservoir

Article  by Ben Arellano of Angler Guide

Palisades Reservoir is located in some of Idaho's and Wyoming most scenic country. Access to the reservoir, for both shore and boat anglers, is best on the northwest side, along U.S. route 26.

During these cooler months, there is good fishing for both boat and shore angler. Shore anglers may however, find some difficulty reaching the undeveloped shoreline due to the steep slopes in some areas.

The predominate game species of Palisades Reservoir is cutthroat trout, both wild and stocked. Second in angler popularity is the brown trout. Though not as abundant, the browns provide a good trophy fishery with an average length of nearly 17". Also in the lake are kokanee and mackinaw. The mackinaw, or lake trout, are relatively few in number, but can be found in deep water.

A basic medium weight rod with matching reel, loaded with 8-10 lb. line will get you started. Terminal gear consisting of a number 8-10 hook, small swivel and light weights will do. If you are fishing from the shore, worms and marshmallows work well. The marshmallow helps to hold the bait up into the fish's view. Anglers have also had success with lures such as spoons, roostertails and spinners.

Boat anglers, fishing for trout, find success trolling with rapalas, spoons and pop-gear rigged with spinners. Shallow trolling with worms can also bring success early in the year.

Fishing for kokanee can be challenging on Palisades. Trolling deep, with pop-gear tipped with a spinner is most effective. Local tackle shops can be helpful in providing tips for specific gear that is working at the time.

Ice Fishing
Ice fishing Palisades can be some of the best fishing of the year. Ice fishing can be a great family outing to cure the winter blahs. Winter trout are great to eat, and the snow and ice add to the beauty of the area. Always be sure to check for safe ice before venturing out.

Camping is available at Elk Creek, Alpine  and Hoffman Campgrounds.


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