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Wyoming Rivers: - Greys River
Fishing Western Wyoming's Greys River

Greys River is located just east of the Idaho Border near Alpine, Wyoming. The river is about 55 miles in length and will eventually flow into Palisades Reservoir on the Idaho Wyoming border, Like many of Wyoming rivers, fishing season on the Greys is influenced by winter snow pack and spring runoff.  Typically good fishing starts late June and continues on into autumn.  The river's character offers some good undercuts, pockets, fallen timber and at times some very fast white water in a forest canyon.  Some anglers do float sections of the river, but is normally restricted to canoes and cararafts. In summer the river's flow can range from about 600 cfs to close to 2000 cfs.

Matching the hatch is not critical and the fish in faster waters are rather forgiving.  An anglers choice of flies need not be more than 6 or 7 patterns for the Greys.  Elk Hair Caddis, BWO's, BH Princes, Pheasant Tails, Humpy, Royal Wulff, Hoppers, and Streamers all work well.

Access to the Greys is plentiful, the road offers beautiful scenic views, wildflowers and lots of wildlife viewing. Of the fifty some miles the last ten requires some adequate ground clearance. The road is normally open May thru October.

Camping: There are five developed campgrounds along the Greys River and two on the Star Valley front.

Directions: From the south side of Palisades Reservoir, head east on US 89 to USFS Road 138 and follow the Greys upriver some 32 miles to Sheep Creek. The road provides several alternate access and scouting points.

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