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Missouri River Sponsored by
Date 23-Aug-16
Water Condition
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Conditions : Missouri River: This tailwater is fishing great. Lots of anglers are fishing the itty bitties, you'll want to have Trico's for the morning hours. You should find a number of fish targeting the morning spinner fall for an easy meal. A lot of these spots can be found down the middle of the river. As it warms up A hopper with an ant or beetle trailed 2 feet behind is a good rig. Or running a small zebra midge or ray charles under a stimi. Get a good cast and let it drift the entire run. Dead drifting a small sculpin or crayfish along the weed beds might take a few eager Brown's as well. A black streamer is also a good option early and late, and can also pick up a few fish midday. Weeds have been an issue for some. Sometimes this is when fishing a streamer about a foot under the surface can keep you just under them.

Dries: Purple Haze: 16-18, Parachute Adams: 16-20, HFH Caddis: 14-16, Goddards Caddis: 14-16-18, Hemmingway Caddis: 12-14-16, Adam's Superfly 14-16, Low-Rider: 20-22, Renegade: 16-18, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Spider Midge: 18-20, Griffith's Nat: 18-20-22, Quigley's Cluster: 16-20-24, Micro Midge: 20-22, Midge Cluster: 16-18, Para Midge: 18-20-22, Neversink Gnat: 18-20-22, Ex. Body PMD: 16-18-20, Thorax PMD: 16-18-20, Challanged PMD: 16-18-20, Pull Over PMD: 16-18-20, Hackle Stacker Trico: 20, Thorax Trico: 18-20-22, Drowning Trico: 18-20-22, CDC Trico Spinner: 18-20-22

Nymphs: Mighty Mo Soft Hackle Pink: 16-18 Micro Mayfly: 18-20 Military Mayfly: 18-20 RS2's grey, black, olive, light cahill: 16-20 Juju PMD & BWO: 16-20 Red Head Stepchild: 16-20 Indigo Child: 18-20 Rainbow Warrior: 16-20 UV Glass Bead BWO: 16-18 Bat Wing Emerger BWO: 16-18-20 Green Machine: 18-22 IED Worm: 6-8, Wire Worm: 6, Short Wing PMD Emerger: 16-18 CDC BWO Emerger: 16-18 Hogans Slow Guy BWO: 16-18 Hot Head Scud: 16-18 Ray Charles (tan & pink): 16-18

Streamers| Bling Minnow Pearl, Gold: 6 Sparkle Minnow Sculpin 4-6 Zonker White: 4-6 Jawbreaker White: 1/0-2 Home Invader White, Black: 2 Bellyache Minnow Fire Tiger: 2 Flash Fry White: 4 Micro Zonker: 8 Natural and Copper Zonker: 6-8 Kreelex (gold/silver, black/red): 6 Articulate Sparkle Minnow: 4

Reported by: Troutfitters

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