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  Cedar Creek Lake, Texas
Fishing Cedar Creek Lake
Information provided by the Texas Department of Wildlife

Cedar Creek Lake is located approximately one hour southeast of Dallas, Texas. It is one of the most popular areas in Northeast Texas for those seeking lake activities, lake living and leisure.  The shoreline of Cedar Creek Lake is also a popular spot for "week-enders" who have purchased vacation/weekend homes that they can enjoy the year round.

Surrounded by thirteen incorporated communities, Cedar Creek Lake offers diverse lodging, dining, retail, RV sites and water sports all located on or near the shoreline of beautiful Cedar Creek Lake. Besides retail and specialty shops, antique shopping and flea markets abound in the towns that border the Lake. Gun Barrel City, Mabank, Seven Points, Tool, Kemp, Caney City, Enchanted Oaks, Eustace, Log Cabin, Malakoff, Payne Springs, Star Harbor and Trinidad all have the distinction of being a part of the Cedar Creek Lake community. Combined population is approximately 75,000 residents and growing fast. Great festivals/local celebrations with a friendly hometown atmosphere are ongoing throughout the year, as well as great fishing and boating


Largemouth bass angling is best in the lower end of the reservoir where the water is clear. The lake record weighed 14.65 pounds. Catfishes are abundant, with more blues than channel cats in the legal size range. Hybrid striped bass are stocked annually and the lake record is 13.19 pounds.

Most submerged vegetation is located in the backs of coves in the lower end of the reservoir. Some emergent vegetation is present in the upper end but water is very shallow. Look for submersed islands across the lake from the confluence of Clear and Caney creeks.

Anglers generally follow the birds to find schools of white bass and hybrids. Action can be good all year but is particularly good in the spring. Look for largemouth bass in the weedy back ends of coves in the lower third of the lake.

Location: 15 miles west of Athens in the area between US 175 and Texas 274

Size: 34,300 acres

Maximum Depth: 53 feet

Date Impounded: 1965

Normal Water Clarity: Moderately clear at lower end to muddy in the upper end

Water Level Fluctuation: 4 feet

Conservation Pool Elevation: 322 ft. msl
Current Water Levels

Aquatic Vegetation: Native emergent, submergent and floating, light in coves and creek arms in lower end of the lake


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