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Madison River Sponsored by
Date 30-Sep-14
Water Condition
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Conditions : Madison River: We are going to see some dirty water but the two lakes will help filter some of the dirty water. Mud will be coming out of Yellowstone Park for a day or two from the big rains over the weekend. The fish are getting specific on the size of your BWO pattern. During the fall Blue Wing hatch the fish are looking at size and color more than they do in the spring. Dry fly fishing with small caddis patterns, purple haze, and your parachute adams have been producing great fish. A good pattern to drop a baetis emerger under is a Snowshoe Caddis. They're still eating Chubbies and terrestrials here and there in the afternoons. Nymphing your attractor nymphs such as lightning bugs, copper johns, nymphicators, and rubberlegs has been working great. Streamer fishing has had so, so success over the last week. Dead drifting sculpins with a nymph trailed has been the best setup, but fish are definitely chasing your bigger streamers in Olive/Black. Some fish have started to move in from the lake, so you may find a big brownie down low or up by Slide Inn/Reynolds. Definitely worth checking out this weekend. You need to get up early to fish these stretches before someone else gets to your favorite hole. 8-mile to town has been bumpy so be prepared to hit some rocks.

Dries| Morrish's Hopper Yellow, Pink, Green: 6-14, Grand Hopper: 8-14, Elk Hair Caddis: 12-16, Clown Shoe Caddis: 14-16, Chubby Chernobyl Golden: 8-10, Yeager Bomb Brown: 12-14-16, Comparadun Sulphur: 16-18-20, CDC Thorax Sulphur: 16-18-20, Lipstickbutt PMD: 14-16-18, Hair Wing Dun PMD: 14-16-18-20, Thorax BWO: 16-18-20, Flag Slate BWO: 16-18-20

Nymphs|14-16 Red Copper John , Garrett's Purple Death: 16-18-20, Little Bit of E: 14-16-18 Purple Lightning Bugs 16; San Juan Worm: 6-8-10 Delektable Purple Hurless: 6-8-10 Mr Rubberlegs Hares Ear: 6-8 Mega Pheasant Tail: 6-8 Turds: 6-8-10 Copper Johnson Red: 16-18-20 Mustang Sally: 16-18 Red Belly Yukbug: 2-4-6, Sillvey's Edible Emerger Olive 12-16, Bead Cased Caddis 12-16, Crawling Caddis Green 12-16.

Streamers| Hairy Sculpin Brown & Olive: 2-4 Bow River Bugger Whiteface Blackie: 4-6 Fathead Yellow, White: 2 Sex Dungeon Rust, Yellow, Black: 2 Silvey's Sculpin Black: 2 Conehead JJ Special: 2-4 Home Invader Yellow, White: 2 Zonkers Black, Olive, Natural/Copper: 4-6, Double Screamer Streamer Olive/Black: 2 Circus Peanut Olive: 2 Sculpzilla Black, Dark Olive: 4-8

Reported by: Montana Troutfitters

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