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Colorado Lakes & Reservoirs
Colorado's Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Designated as one of Colorado's Gold Medal fisheries, SPINNEY MOUNTAIN RESERVOIR consistently produces large rainbows measuring 16-inch and more, browns and trophy-sized cutthroat trout, as well as northern pike.  The best fishing is right after April ice-out. The reservoir is excellent for boat and shoreline fishing.

It has given anglers many rewarding days for over ten years. Despite its popularity and heavy pressure, production remains generally good and one should not be discouraged by what appears to be a crowd.  When fishing is good at Spinney Mountain, you'll have to look hard to find any better.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir, is located five miles further west of Eleven Mile is the other gem of the South Platte River system. It is one of the biggest success stories involving public utilities fishing in the history of the west. This 2,500acre reservoir is relatively shallow which promotes the growth of rich vegetation and aquatic life in its mountain meadow waters.

Camping is not allowed at Spinney. The reservoir serves as an isolated retreat for visitors seeking beautiful views of the Collegiate Mountain Range or just a little solitude from life in the city. The park is open seasonally from ice-off to ice-on (approximately May 1 through Nov. 15) and is a day-use area only. Camping is available at nearby Eleven Mile State Park.

Entrance Fees: $5 for a daily vehicle pass or $50 for an annual pass.

Directions - From Colorado Springs, take U.S. 24 west for 55 miles over Wilkerson Pass. Turn south on Park County Road 23 and drive 2.8 miles to County Road 59. Turn right and continue another 1.1 miles to the park entrance.

Spinney Mountain State Park
4229 Co Rd 92
Lake George, CO 80827
(719) 748-3401 (phone)
eleven.mile.park@state.co.us (e-mail)

Eleven Mile Reservoir: is located at an elevation of 8,600 feet in the southeastern corner of South Park, a large natural mountain park in central Colorado. The 3,400 acre reservoir is stocked with kokanee salmon and cutthroat and rainbow trout. Northern pike are plentiful and carp abound in the shallow bays and inlets, providing great bow-fishing opportunities. Trout fishing normally (more on fishing Eleven Mile)


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