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Date 09-Sep-16
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : ROGUE RIVER: Lower - Salmon fishing slowed in the bay as quite a few Chinook moved upriver with the cooler weather. Boat and bank anglers fishing the lower river have been picking up salmon side drifting eggs or anchoring up and back bouncing.

Half pounder steelhead are spread throughout the lower river. Half pounders are immature steelhead that return to the Rogue this time of year and run 12 to 15 inches. These fish will return back to the ocean in the spring. Anglers can do well fishing spinners or casting flies in the riffles.

As per zone regulations: Anglers are reminded that angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures from Foster Creek upstream to Whiskey Creek from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31

Middle - Per zone regulations: Anglers are able to keep both hatchery and wild Chinook from Hog Creek to Fishers Ferry through Sept. 30. Summer steelhead are available and fishing has been fair on nightcrawlers, spinners, and side drifted roe. Fall Chinook are throughout the canyon and fishing should improve as the river temperature drops. Sardine wrapped kwickfish/flatfish, plugs, or spinners should pick up moving fish. Spoons or roe back bounced into holes will also produce. Reports are that anglers have picked up some Chinook in the Gold Hill area.

Cole Rivers hatchery is planning to recycle summer Steelhead in the coming days back into Grants Pass area to give anglers another chance at harvesting these fish.

The Rogue River is open to trout angling. Only hatchery trout can be retained. Wild trout must be released unharmed. Rainbow trout over 16 inches are considered steelhead in streams and must be tagged as part of the daily salmon/steelhead catch as per zone regulations.

The flow at Grants Pass as of the morning of Sept. 6 was 2,100 cfs. The water temperature was fluctuating between 59oF and 62oF.

Upper - As per zone regulations: Anglers are reminded that beginning Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, all Chinook angling is closed from Fishers Ferry Boat Ramp upstream to Cole Rivers Hatchery Dam. Angling is also restricted to artificial flies and lures (no bait) from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31 from Fishers Ferry to Cole Rivers Fish Hatchery. Additionally, no added weights or attachments except a bubble or similar floating device attached to the line can be used during the Sept. 1 – Oct. 31 period from Fishers Ferry upstream to Cole Rivers Hatchery Dam.

Anglers have been doing decent on summer Steelhead. Swinging flies on the margins are a good technique when reservoir releases are at the current levels and dropping Anglers can keep two hatchery steelhead per day.

Cole Rivers hatchery is planning to recycle summer Steelhead in the coming days back into Grants Pass and Gold Hill Area.

Trout fishing has been good. Anglers can keep five hatchery rainbow trout per day. Non-adipose fin-clipped rainbow trout and all cutthroat trout must be immediately released unharmed

As of Aug.31, a total of 2,420 spring Chinook have been collected at Cole Rivers, with 72 new arrivals for the week. A total of 1,483 early run summer Steelhead have also entered the hatchery, with 89 new fish entering for the week. The flow at Gold Ray was 2,090 cfs on Tuesday morning, and the water temperature was fluctuating between 54 oF and 62 oF daily. The average release from Lost Creek Reservoir was 2,066 cfs at 56oF on Sept. 6.

Reported by: Oregon D.F.W

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