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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 10-Aug-18
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Conditions : Southeast Region: Milwaukee County - Early morning boaters out of the McKinley ramp targeting salmon continue to launch between 4 and 6 a.m. catching limits more often than boaters launching in the afternoon. A mix bag of fish across the board of salmon and trout continue to be landed. This weekend larger numbers of chinook salmon and lake trout and were caught (verses mostly coho and rainbows that we have seen for the past couple of weeks). There was no specific fishing depth for success this weekend. Anglers found success in depths ranging from 80-150 feet to deeper waters out to 330 feet. Fish were reported hitting lines 60 - 80 feet of water, or closer to the bottom, where colder temperatures occur. A variety of spoons or flasher/flies found the most success. Those few pier anglers targeting salmon, trout, and bass (on the lakeside and harborside) or perch near the gap, continue to see very little action. There has been lower fishing pressure at this location due to warmer surface temps (up to 70 degrees) and lack of alewives (even out near the gap). By Sunday however, in the early morning hours, surface temps cooled slightly and now range from 62-64 degrees. Anglers targeting salmon, trout, panfish, bass or perch observed by the Summerfest grounds and near the lighthouse, Lakeshore State Park, Veterans Park, and McKinley Shore, saw little to no action using crank baits, spoons, artificial lures or minnows. Anglers reported small schools of sheepshead, carp and smallmouth behind the art museum, but had no luck in landing fish. A small rainbow was caught near Summerfest using worms. Low fishing pressure occurred throughout the weekend from Jones Island, Cupertino Park, and through South Shore. Anglers targeting salmon and trout saw very little action. The presence of small schools of alewife are hit or miss at Jones Island. Low fishing pressure continues at the Oak Creek Power Plant. Those few morning and afternoon anglers trying their luck were targeting catfish near the discharge, using a variety of bait. Those whom found success were using egg skein. Temperatures at the end of the pier are 66-68 degrees. - Reni Rydlewicz, fisheries technician, Milwaukee

Racine County - Most boaters are having luck catching lake trout in about 250 feet of water. Occasional rainbow was also reported being caught with no kings or coho caught. Anglers are using flies and spoons with flies being the most productive. Few pier anglers were out over the weekend. The ones that were were mainly casting spoons or jigging for perch with little success. There has been reports of an occasional brown and rainbow caught recently, however none were witnessed during survey times. Water temps in the harbor were recorded at 69 degrees. - Zak Feest, fisheries technician, Racine

Kenosha County - Fairly slow fishing pressure over the weekend. Boaters mainly trolling flies and spoons out from 200-300 feet of water. Lake trout and rainbow are the primary catch recently and coho and king have not been caught as frequently. Many pier anglers were out this weekend with little success. Most fisherman are casting spoons and jigs targeting brown trout. Water temps still around 73 in the harbor. No records of perch being caught during survey times. - Zak Feest, fisheries technician, Racine

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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