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  Lake Texoma
Fishing Lake Texoma
Information provided by the Texas Department of Wildlife

Free-flowing current in the Red River makes Lake Texoma one of the few lakes in Texas with a self-sustaining population of striped bass, and one of only eight inland freshwater reservoirs worldwide where this species has spawned. A cousin of the white bass, striped bass were first stocked in Lake Texoma by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1965. They began spawning in 1974.

While Texoma has little aquatic vegetation, it does offer cover in structures such as rocks/boulders, standing timber, submerged stump beds, channels, rocky bluffs, sandy flats, and rip-rap along Denison Dam and elsewhere. Of the 580 miles of shoreline, there are approximately 9 miles of rip-rap, 50 miles of standing timber, and 50 miles of submersed aquatic vegetation. The remainder is cut banks, sandy beaches, rocky shoreline, and bluffs. A shoreline development ratio of 13.88 indicates an irregular and branched shoreline, which also increases habitat for fish.

Fishing access, campgrounds, and other facilities can be found at Eisenhower State Park, five other public parks, and a number of private marinas and resorts.

Available from local chambers of commerce, the Lake Texoma Association, and most North Texas fishing tackle stores

Location: A Red River impoundment on the Texas-Oklahoma border northwest of Sherman-Denison, west of US 75

Size: 89,000 acres

Maximum Depth: 100 feet

Date Impounded: 1944

Normal Water Clarity: Moderate to clear

Water Level Fluctuation: 5 to 8 feet annually

Conservation Pool Elevation: 619 ft. msl
Current Water Levels

Aquatic Vegetation: Not abundant, but there are some stands of water willow, American lotus, floating heart, and bushy pondweed


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