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  Canyon Lake
Fishing Canyon Lake
Information provided by the Texas Department of Wildlife
Largemouth bass are the most popular and most abundant sportfish in the reservoir. White bass and striped bass also provide an excellent fishery.  Striped bass provide excellent angling because of their growth potential and strong fighting characteristics. An annual TPWD stocking program maintains the fishery because striped bass do not successfully reproduce in this reservoir.  Crappie fishing is generally poor, although occasionally good catches can be made, especially along standing timber in the river. Angling for redbreast sunfish can provide an excellent fishing experience for the family. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish are present in good numbers. Smallmouth bass are also present in small numbers.  Smallmouth bass tend to prefer rocky habitat found in main lake areas.

Canyon Lake is dominated by steep rocky banks, isolated flooded timber, and clear water typical of a highland reservoir. The water becomes stained as one moves up the reservoir and into the river. In most of the lake rock ledges, rock piles, steep drop-offs, flooded timber, and a few marinas provide cover for game fish. The river portion of the reservoir is dominated by flooded timber, rock ledges, and laydowns. When the water level is high, largemouth bass anglers should concentrate on the flooded terrestrial vegetation.

Location: On the Guadalupe River, 16 miles Northwest of New Braunfels in Comal County

Size: 8,240 acres

Maximum Depth:  125 feet

Date Impounded: 1964

Normal Water Clarity: Clear to slightly stained

Water Level Fluctuation: Moderate

Conservation Pool Elevation: 909 ft. msl
Current Water Levels

Aquatic Vegetation: None

Canyon Lake Weather


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