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  • Wyoming Outdoor News

    Location: Wyoming

    CHEYENNE-- Wyoming has its first fish record of the year thanks to Rawlins angler Levi Porter who reeled in a new state record tiger trout over the Memorial Day weekend from High Savery Reservoir, located approximately 30 miles south of Rawlins. Tiger trout are a sterile cross between brown and brook trout.

    The record fish weighed 3.74 pounds and eclipsed the old record of 3.33 pounds that has stood since November 2007. Porter, who fishes High Savery often, was on his first fishing trip of the year and had taken his kids fishing for the weekend. He was fishing from the bank and had caught several fish before the record tiger trout took his power bait and worm combination.

    After showing the fish to other anglers at the reservoir, he thought it might be a record and hurried to town where the fish was weighed and verified. In a bit of an unusual twist, Porter's fish was 21-inches, an inch shorter than the old record which was 22-inches long. But, it is weight that counts, and in the end, Porter's fish was .41 pounds heavier than the existing record.

    The Game and Fish has been expecting a new record tiger trout as High Savery Reservoir is a relatively new reservoir that was first stocked with tiger trout in 2005 and has been stocked with the fish every year since that time. High Savery Reservoir is the only water in the state where the Game and Fish has stocked Tiger Trout.

    To qualify for a new fish record, anglers need to get the fish weighed on a certified scale and have it verified by the Game and Fish Department. A listing of state record fish is on the Game and Fish Web site.

    News Source: Wyoming G&F - Jun. 24, 2009

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