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  • North Dakota Outdoor News

    New State Record Buffalo Caught
    Location: North Dakota

    New State Record Buffalo Caught

    Joshua Bartz’s catch on May 30 is the first entry on North Dakota’s list of state record fish since 2007. The Bismarck angler arrowed a 51-pound, 4-ounce buffalo from the Missouri River near Fox Island in Bismarck.

    The 44-inch fish shattered the old record of 40 pounds, 6 ounces taken by Trey Opp of Mandan in 2007 at Heart Butte Reservoir (Lake Tschida).

    Walleye Tagging Continues at Devils Lake

    The final year of a three-year project is underway at Devils Lake as North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel recently tagged 1,000 walleye.

    A total of 3,000 walleye were tagged for the project, which allows biologists to gather information on walleye movements, total fish mortality between years, angling mortality rates and differences in mortality rates between sexes.

    This year’s tags are blue – while last year’s were yellow and in 2007 orange – and are attached by wire to the top of the fish. The tag does not need to be sent in, just the information: tag number, kept or released, date caught, length, location and angler’s name and address.

    Anglers catching a tagged fish are encouraged to report it online at the Game and Fish Department website, Also, tag return cards can be filled out at bait shops around the lake, or anglers can bring in the information or call the Devils Lake Game and Fish office at 662-3617.

    A follow-up letter will be sent to the angler with information such as when and where the fish was tagged, and fish length at the time it was tagged.

    News Source: North Dakota DNR - Jun. 08, 2009

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