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Keith Sebelius Reservoir Sponsored by
Date 05-Jan-18
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : Keithe Sebelius: WATER TEMPERATURE- 32° SURFACE ELEVATION- 2291.56 ---- 12.74' below conservation

Currently, the water level is 0.29 feet higher than it was one year ago, at this time. Reservoir is covered with approx. 4 inches of ice at this time. If venturing out on the ice use extreme caution and fish with a buddy.

Crappie Fair 7 to 16 inches Did not have any reports of fish being caught, however, would try fishing off the public fishing dock and private boat slips using jigs and jigs tipped with minnows. Would also try around the 3 fish attractors. Recently added new cedar trees to the fish attractors, end of private dock and around the public fishing dock.

Saugeye/Walleye Fair 14 to 26 inches Would try fishing off the East side of Leota cove, along the dam and along the south road bed using jigs and jigs tipped with worms. Also, heard of some short fish being caught, therefore, remember the 18-inch length limit.

Wiper Fair 15 to 28 inches Would try fishing around the mouth of Leota cove and Concrete cove using jigs and jigs with worms and/or minnows. The point just south of the swim beach might be a good bet also. Starting Jan. 1, 2018 Wiper creel limit will be going up to 5/Day instead of 2/Day.

Catfish Fair 14 to 30 inches Would try fishing up to the west end using stink bait, liver and worms on the bottom. Also, try using trot lines and set lines towards the west end.

Largemouth/Spotted Bass Fair 10 to 20 inches Would try fishing along the Dam, in Leota and Schoen's coves and up by the sand pit using artificial baits and crankbait's. Remember there is a 15" length limit on all bass.

Reported by: KDWP

Lures & Spinners
Species Crappie

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Misc Info: - 2014 FISHING OUTLOOK : Saugeye Good Majority 15 to 18 inches Saugeye fishing should be good as numbers are up this year with 17% being in the 7 to 15 inch size range, 58% being in the 15 to 18 inch size range and 25% being over 18 inches. The largest fish sampled weighed 4.09 lbs. Rated #1 in state for density for fish 14 inches and above.

Wiper Good Majority 15 to 20 inches Numbers are up from last year with the majority of fish being in the 15 to 20 inch size range accounting for 57%, fish 7 to 15 inches accounted for 21% and fish 20 to 25 inches accounted for 22%. The biggest fish weighed 7.00 lbs. Density rating for the state is #1 for fish 12 inches and above.

Channel Catfish Fair Majority 24 to 30 inches Catfishing should be fair; however, the numbers are down from last year. The population is dominated by 24 to 30 inch fish accounting for 67% and fish 17 to 24 inches accounted for 33%. Biggest fish weighed 10.97 lbs. All the flatheads sampled were over 22 inches and the biggest fish weighed 5.19 pounds.

Crappie Good & Fair Majority 2 to 5 inches Crappie fishing should be good for black crappie and fair for white crappie. Had a really good crappie spawn for both with 96% of the being 2 to 5 inches. However, the density rating for black crappie is #3 in the state for fish 8 inches and above. The biggest black crappie sampled weighed 1.75 lbs and the biggest white crappie weighed 1.09 pounds.

Largemouth/Spotted Bass Good Majority 12 to 15 inches Numbers are up from last year with the majority of the largemouth being in the 12 to 15 inch size range accounting for 69%. Fish 7 to 12 inches accounted for 12%, and fish over 15 inches accounted for 19%. The biggest fish weighed 3.39 lbs. Density rating for the state is #1 for largemouth 12 inches and above. Spotted bass numbers are up from last year and the fishing should be good as well. The majority of spot's are in the 11 to 14 inch size range accounting for 45% and 14 inch + fish accounted for 26%. Density rating for the state is #1 for spotted bass 11 inches and above.

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