Blackfeet Facts:

According to Legend- the Blackfeet received their name because of the color of their moccasins were blackened with soot from prairie fires or paint. Siksika meaning black footed people, became their tribal name.

The Blackfeet Nation is actually composed of different groups, the Piegan, Bloods, and Northern Blackfeet. Most of the Bloods and Northern Blackfeet now live on reserves in Canada.

Of over 14,000 enrolled members, over 7,000 live on the reservation. At one time, the Blackfeet held most of northern Montana from Fort Union to what is now Glacier National Park. The Blackfeet Reservation now comprises 1.5 million acres of some of the best fishing and hunting resources in Montana.

The Blackfeet Reservation is in northwestern Montana along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Its one-and-a-half million acres are bordered on the north by Canada and on the west by Glacier National Park

Musuem of the Plain Indian
Museum of the Plains Indian: A permanent exhibition gallery presents a rich collection of historic arts created by tribal people of the Northern Plains.

Junction of Highway 2 and 89. West of Browning.

Days of the Blackfeet - 1st week in May

North American Indian Days: 2nd week of July

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