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Idaho Rivers - Teton River
If you kayak and fish, The Teton River is a dream come true.

Article by Ben Arellano of Angler Guide

The Teton River originates on the west slope of the Teton Mountains near the picturesque towns of Driggs and Victor, Idaho. The Teton will flow westerly to its confluence with North Fork of the Snake River,  west the small Idaho town of St. Anthony. The Teton River Canyon lies hidden amidst rolling potato fields and drainage supports populations of wild and hatchery rainbow trout, hybrid rainbow x cutthroat trout (cutt-bows), and brook trout. No bull trout are known to be present in the drainage. Often the Teton is overlook from the highway or not seen when farmland crops reach a particular height.
Fishing the Teton River. Photo courtesy of Teton Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The upper sections of the river runs through scenic Teton Basin just north of Driggs Idaho. With its flat valley floor, sandhill cranes and views of the Teton range it can be a wonderful experience for the both the fisherman and kayaker. The lower section has carved a narrow canyon and access to the river is not as convenient as with most eastern Idaho rivers.  Exists are mostly at bridge crossings, since there are very few readily accessible roads that runs along the river.

Fishing: Drift-boat fishing might be popular, but cata-raft or kayak is more practical since the river's level is determined by the previous winter's snow fall. When it's low it exposes some rather large boulders and rock formations. When it's high it can make a wild roller coaster ride.  Even a well experienced guide can be a little apprehensive. But if you are a skilled kayaker it's a dream come true.  Some boating is not recommended such as between Idaho Highway 33 and Spring Hollow.   Seven access ramps are available between the Teton's start and where Pine Creek and Trail Creek combine, to its confluence with the Henry's Fork 75 miles downstream. Most access points allow wading and bank fishing, but the Rainey site is probably best. Some fly fisher's seem to favor a stretch called Bitch Creek, where fish average about 14-18 inches. The Teton traditionally fishes well and often times during the summer it may be the only river in the area where fish are rising.  More impressive is the fish always seem to be breaking water when feeding on flies during morning and evenings.  The Teton is an excellent fishery and many anglers fish this river over some of the higher profile tributaries in the area for obvious reasons.

Rods & flies: 4- to 6-weight rods are good for fishing the Teton River.
Floating line: Attractor patterns: grasshoppers, golden stones, club sandwiches and Mensens.
Droppers: chocolate tungsten droppers, bead head hare's ears, pheasant tails and prince nymphs.
Streamers: Articulated woolly buggers, egg sucking leech patterns, marabou flies and clouser minnows.


This river is open for fishing Memorial Day weekend to November 30, except for Teton Creek and its tributaries, which can't be fished until July 1. There's a two fish limit on cutthroat. Other regulations may apply.



Teton area Weather

Driggs, Seven Day Forecast


Kayak Information 

Season: April to October
Class: IV-V
Gauge: Driggs and St. Anthony
Length: 7 _ miles
Shuttle: Approximately 14 miles. Drive two cars.



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