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Idaho Rivers - Silver Creek
SILVER CREEK A Smorgasbord of Insect Hatches
Information and Photos by Idaho Angling Services

Silver Creek offers anglers the chance to stalk big rainbow and brown trout. This flat water spring creek has daily mayfly hatches and unparalleled "match the hatch" dry fly fishing. Silver Creek has the highest density of trout of any river its size in the U.S. Combine this with the smorgasbord of insect hatches and it's easy to recognize this stream as the best spring creek in the nation. There are many miles of Silver Creek to fish and it would take weeks to fish all the good locations.

The Nature Conservancy owns a large section of the headwaters of Silver Creek and has conservation easements for several miles downstream through neighboring ranches. Through these easements, many more miles of streamside riparian habitat on Silver Creek have been protected from development. Miles of fencing have been put in place in partnership with landowners to protect the banks from cattle grazing. The Idaho State Fish & Game owns a large section of Silver Creek. Public access is good over this State owned land and the Nature Conservancy property. Where Silver Creek runs through privately owned ranches, we utilize float tubes to float through these other fine stretches of the creek. Float tubing is a fun and relaxing way to sneak up on Silver Creek's surface feeding trout. 

Rainbows average 14 to 16 inches with many in the 17 to 20 inch range. In some backwater sloughs, it is possible to spot and cast to cruising rainbows well over twenty inches, and each season clients land fat 22 to 24 inch rainbows weighing in at around 5lbs. Rainbows comprise about 70% of Silver Creek's fishery. The other 30% are Brown trout which we catch in all sizes. Occasionally, trophy brown trout are caught and we have landed brownies up to 9lbs. Frequently, 5 to 6lb brown trout will be seen surface feeding during heavy mayfly hatches or spinner falls, most often next to undercut banks. Landing one of these monsters on light tackle is a heart-thumping experience not easily forgotten. Being spring fed, Silver Creek is not affected by the winters snowpack runoff like many western rivers and fishes well from the opening of the Idaho fishing season, Memorial Day weekend. 

(Idaho Angling Service has written a book on Silver Creek Titled,



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