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Date 23-Jun-16
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : Arkansas River: (Morellton -) Charlie’s Hidden Harbor at Oppelo (501-354-8080) said water flows are getting into summer mode and the water is warming up. Black bass are moving morning and late. Fish the grass lines; when the water drops, fish the secondary drops. Use green worms with a U-shaped tail and also citreuse Bomber Fat Free Shad in the secondary drops. In the early morning, use chatterbaits. White bass are biting well around jetty tips early and late. Use crankbaits in pearl- and shad-color around the jetty tips. Bream are bedding up around the sand bars. Use crickets. Also, on the grass lines near the jetties; use black Rooter Tails with copper blade. Those work well. Catfish are biting early and late around the jetties and the backwater in 3-6 feet of water. The fishing is very good. Use whole shad. Whites, Kentucky bass and catfish can be found wherever you find shad schools in early morning or late in the day.

Cardon (6/15) - Professional angler and guide Cody Kelley said the water color is still muddy on the main river with water temps in the upper 70s-lower 80s. Bass fishing is really starting to heat up as almost all of the fish have healed up and are really feeding. Look for areas close to the main river where you can throw crankbaits and spinnerbaits to fool those bass using the current to ambush prey. Squarebills and spinnerbaits with Colorado Blades seem to work well in the water with more color to it. Catfishing is also heating back up slowly. Deep drops and structure near the main river channel have been giving up a good fish when cut bait and live bait is presented. Bream are excellent and can be caught at will around any backwater weed bed on crickets. No reports on crappie or stripers.

Little Maumelle River (updated 6-22-2016) River Valley Marina (501-517-1250) said water level is normal and the water is clear. Surface temperature hit 83 degrees this week. Fishing has been good all around. Bream are good on worms and crickets. The crappie bite is good on minnows and jigs. Bass are working well on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Catfishing is good on worms and chicken livers.

Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4948) reported that crappie fishing was good using pink minnows or jigs. Bream fishing was fair around brush piles using worms or crickets.

(Little Rock Pool) (updated 6-22-2016) McSwain Sports Center (501-945-2471) said the water wat Clear Lake and near the Terry Dam reached a surface temperature of 89 degrees in the past week, and the water was normal level. The overall bite was good. Bream were working worms and crickets. Crappie were good on minnows and jigs. Bass fishing was good, with spinnerbaits and crankbaits the main attractors. Skipjack was the bait of choice in making it a good week for catfishing.

Vince Miller at Fish ’N Stuff (501-834-5733) reported the water remained stained to muddy and was at normal level. Surface temperature was 75 degrees. Fishing all-around was good. Bream were working around the grass on redworms or crickets and the catch was good. Crappie worked good in 6-8 feet or water around the brush piles, using minnows and jigs. Bass fishing was good using topwater and crankbaits. Catfishing worked best with nightcrawlers and prepared bait and rated good.

Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) said water temperature was 82 degrees near the Terry Lock and Dam, and the water was murky but at normal level. Bream fishing was excellent on wax worms and crickets in the backwater area. Crappie were fair around brush piles in 10-12 feet of water using minnows and jigs. Bass fishing was excellent. Best bet is to go with spinnerbaits or jigs around the brush. Catfishing was excellent; try chicken liver or skipjack. There were reports of good snagging as well. Further up the pool, the surface temperature was 83 degrees. Bream were working fair around the I-430 bridge and off the rocks. Use worms, wax worms and crickets. Bass fishing was good in 10-15 feet of water on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Also try Shaky Head worms. Catfish were good below the hydro plant, hitting shad. Excellent reports on white bass, hybrids and striper, all hitting white grubs. Crappie fishing was fair; work the brush piles with minnows and jigs.

Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4948) reported the water is normal around the Terry Lock and Dam. Catfishing is excellent using skipjack or shad, as well as snagging.

(Maumelle Pool) - Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4948) reported water level normal on the Maumelle. Bream fishing is fair around brush piles using redworms and crickets. Crappie are fair. Try pink and regular minnows. No other reports were available.

Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) said water was murky and the surface temperature was 82 degrees. Level was normal. Bream were biting well in shallow areas on worms and crickets. Use wax worms. Crappie were good around brush piles in 12-15 feet depth on minnows and jigs. Bass fishing was excellent around jetties. Try a plastic Trick Worm and pull it under at about 10-15 feet. Catfishing was excellent on trotlines. Skipjack was working best.

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Bass Team said water temperatures are in the upper 80s on the main channel of the river up to low 90s in backwaters. Water visibility is less than a foot on the main channel to up to a foot in backwaters. Black bass have been biting fairly well but the heat has definitely slowed them down. Shallow crankbaits on main channel jetties are producing some bites, as are soft plastics and jigs worked through brush piles. Activity slows during mid-day, so focus on early morning or late evening.

Reported by: Arkansas F & G

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