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Roosevelt Lake Sponsored by
Date 07-Oct-17
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : ROOSEVELT LAKE: (2,113 feet, 59-percent full).

The fish in Roosevelt Lake are doing better this week than they were last week. This is because the AZGFD along with great support from volunteer groups assembled and deployed habitat structures into Roosevelt Lake. The habitat are part of a two-step solution recommended by the AZGFD to improve the fishing conditions on the lake. Representatives from the Mogollon Sporting Association, Gila County Roundtable and several bass clubs from Rim Country and the Valley showed up in big numbers to support this effort.

The Roosevelt Lake water level is 59% full and continuing to fall about 1% every other week. With the monsoon storms ending, the lake dropped a total of 3.9 feet during the month of September. The Salt River recently reported to be flowing at 50% of the normal rate for this time of year while the Tonto Creek has stopped flowing. The water temperature continues to drop as the overnight low ambient temperatures fall. On most days the water temperature in the lake is in the low 70s in the morning, increasing to the mid 70s in the afternoon.

The bass sense the cooler temperatures and are feeding heavily in preparation for the colder winter months ahead. Many types of reaction baits are working extremely well right now. Most anglers are fishing in less than 20-foot depths using jerk-baits, buzz-baits and small crank-baits. A Zoom Super Fluke in a pearl color and a Reaction Innovation 5? paddle tail swim bait also in a pearl color are successful baits during the fall. Experienced anglers know to watch their graphs for changes in the bottom structure of the lake. Drop-offs, ledges, rocky areas in the middle of a sandy area are examples of structure changes and bass tend to congregate in these areas of a lake. Also cover which consists of logs, stumps, stick-ups, docks, bridge piers, etc. will attract both shad and bass.

Crappie fishing reports are getting better albeit slowly. Anglers are reporting catching crappie but they are working for them. It is not uncommon to move several times during the day to find schooling crappie aggressive enough attack artificial baits. Crappie are being reported in about 20-foot depths and always in cover. Crappie fishing at San Carlos Lake continues to be excellent for catching high numbers of crappie.

Reported by: Arizona F&G

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About: - Average acreage 14,000 Average depth 110 ft Elevation 2,136 feet.
  • Largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • crappie
  • sunfish
  • catfish
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