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Lake Pleasant Sponsored by
Date 01-Nov-18
Water Condition
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Conditions : LAKE PLEASANT: October can be the best time of year to fish for striper and white bass. The fish are adapting to the weather changes and cooling water, which results in more aggressive feeding patterns. The fish are gorging on shad, crawdads, and anything else they can ambush and fill their bellies for the winter. Jigging spoons will be effective this time of year. Bounce the spoons off the bottom or try experimenting retrieval speeds when jigging. Anglers should also fish coves and shorelines since striper will be chasing shad towards the shore/structure to ambush them. This will create boils and great top-water conditions. Try casting paddletail swimbaits or use top water spooks to increase catch limits. In recent and past surveys, we also surveyed high populations of flathead catfish holding in the Agua Fria and Castle Creek arms. Largemouth bass numbers have been reported to be better than previous years and fishing is expected to be good throughout the fall. As water temperature cools and fish become more active, try fishing shallower waters and fishing top-water lures. Try your luck at striped bass fishing deep using spoons and shad-imitation lures. Or beat the heat and try fishing at night when fish move shallower to feed. Anglers have good success fishing anchovies under lights at night. The lights draw in schools of shad and the striped bass are drawn to those schools. You can also try and fish the shad boils. Scan the surface until you find a boil then cast into and around the edges using top-water baits or swimbaits. Flathead catfish are present throughout the lake but are more common in the Aqua Fria River arm or by the dam. Look for spots where the water is murkier with vegetation or rocky covering nearby. Fishing for catfish should be great this spring. Try using catfish baits like chicken livers for smaller catfish. To catch a trophy size, try using live gizzard shad, sunfish or carp

Reported by: Arizona F&G

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