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Angler Guide Advertising Rates
Thank you for your interest in advertising on AnglerGuide.com.

This past year Angler Guide exceeded 14 million visitors(2011).

Of the 14 million visits, approximately 1.7 million were for our Recreational Ads. This does not include ads in our Business Directory.

About our services.

Business Directory:

We charge a nominal fee of $60 annually to be listed in our directory.  We believe this is an outstanding value for Recreational Business Owners to market their services to a specific recreational location.

Recreational Property Ads:

Our Recreational Property Ads service is just the demographic tool to market your recreational properties. Visitors to our Recreational Properties Listings exceeded 1.13 million visits this past year. Our rates are very reasonable for our demographic reach. ($30 for private owner, $50 for licensed realtors, brokers and builders)  A listing is for a one year period and, each listing can have up to six images. We also have package rates for individual real estate agents along with rates for an entire real estate office.

Plan A Package offers unlimited ads for $720.00 a year.

Plan B Package is ideal for small offices or individual real estates agents with twenty or less properties. The cost for Plan B is $400.00 per year.

Additional Options are Bold Letter $5.00

Featured Ads $100.00 per month (3 month minimum)

Boat and RV Ads

Just another good source to sell a Boat or RV. Effective July 20th, our rates will increase. Private owners may place an ad for $10.00, Dealers rates remain at $30.00 or $600 for unlimited ads .

Weather Conditions:

We now provide current weather conditions along with seven day forecast. We will being offering ads for a specific location at a rate of $30.00 per year.

Thank you for visiting our website...

Ben Arellano


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