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Millwood Lake Sponsored by
Date 14-Feb-19
Water Condition
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Conditions : Millwood Lake: Mike Siefert at Millwood Lake Guide Service said Millwood Lake’s pool jumped slightly over the weekend with rain in the region to about a foot above normal pool. The Army Corps of Engineers made gate changes at the dam Monday and were releasing around 10,018 cfs. Tailwater below the dam, which had dropped slightly, began rising and now is about 232 feet msl. Water temps also jumped over the past week, with Monday’s temps ranging near 47-53 degrees. Be sure and check the most recent lake level of Millwood Lake on the guide service’s website, or at the Army Corps of Engineers website, for updated gate release changes and inflow rates with rising and falling lake levels and conditions. Watch for sudden gate changes and debris, which will increase with current in Little River. Clarity and visibility conditions worsened over the past few days with increase of current along Little River and navigation is considered cautious along Little River with the current discharge. Some debris remains in Little River current, so use caution. Further up river finds highest turbidity rates. As of Monday on main lake structure away from current, clarity and visibility is moderate stain, ranging 5-6 inches. Little River's visibility ranges 3-4 inches with stained conditions, depending on location and current. The oxbow's clarity currently ranges 10-15 inches depth of visibility depending on location. Clarity and visibility can change dramatically on Millwood in just a few hours with high winds, rain or thunderstorms.

Mike says the bite for bass improved over the past few days for largemouths, and is better during the midday hours in the oxbows. Bomber crankbaits, large bulky Hogs, Beavers, and 6-inch lizards are getting good responses. The best locations over the past few weeks have been in the back of the oxbows where water conditions and clarity are best, like back of McGuire and Horseshoe oxbows. Best bite is during the warmest periods of the day, with 8- to 15-feet deep drops along with stumps and remaining vegetation being prime locations. We continue to see good bass reactions with crankbaits, ¾-ounce slow-rolled War Eagle Spinnerbaits and Rat-L-Traps in the creeks between 10-15 feet of depth. The best crankbaits drawing reactions over the past few weeks were Bomber Fat Free Shads or square-bill cranks in craw patterns, and Bandit Cranks in brown/orange crawfish patterns. Rat-L-Traps and Echo 1.75's in shad patterns like Millwood Magic, red chrome, Toledo Gold and square-bills and Echo 1.75s in Rayburn Red Craw, Pinch'n Peach or Ghost Minnow continue working in midday warmer periods in back of the oxbows away from muddy Little River current flows, in creek channels where clarity maybe slightly better than close to Little River current flows. Magnum 4-inch Gitzit Tubes with internal rattles are still drawing a few solid hits from solitary, 2-3-pound largemouth bass on stumps in outer creek channel bends, ditches, wash-outs, ridges and points in the oxbows. Best colors of tube jigs and Gitzits over the past couple weeks are Black Neon, Black/Blue tail, and Pumpkinseed or Green Pumpkin with tail tentacles dipped in JJ Magic Chartreuse dipping dye. Pitching the Gitzits on stumps from multiple angles seems to initiate a reaction in mid-day periods. Slow-rolling, heavy ¾-ounce War Eagle Spinnerbaits in white/chartreuse or Hot Mouse colors continue getting good reactions in the oxbows fished slow from 7-10 feet of depth. If the water clarity is heavier stained, switch to a FireTiger color.

With the water continually warming as it has since late last week, a few white bass were have been caught on yo-yos up Little River between White Cliffs and McGuire oxbow. They evidently moving and staging in preparation for their annual spawning runs up the Little River to headwaters above U.S Highway 71 bridge. Crappie continue improving in the oxbows, the clearest water you can find being the most activity areas, and are stacked up vertically over planted brush with jigs from 12-15 feet of depth. Best colors of jigs over the past week or so have been black/chartreuse, white/chartreuse or blue/chartreuse. Catfish continue biting well on trotlines set in the current of Little River set from 15-20 feet deep. Yo-yos set from cypress trees over 8-12 feet depth in back of Mud Lake are still catching some nice 3- to 5-pound cats. Punch bait, chicken livers and gizzards, and catalpa worms have been working for cats over the last several weeks on the yo-yos.

Reported by: Arkansas F&G

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About: - Millwood Lake is renowned for its fishing, with much of its more than 29,000 acres being flooded timber that provides exceptional cover for its wide variety of fish, including largemouth and spotted bass, crappie, white bass, striped bass, channel and flathead catfish and bluegills. Boat lanes lead the way through the timbered waters, and there are 5,000 acres of open water near the dam. Each year, the lake hosts numerous bass fishing tournaments and fishing derbies held by local and out-of-state organizations.

Located on the lake's southeast shore, Millwood State Park offers a full service marina and boat dock, 117 campsites, and hiking and biking trails. Corps of Engineers' recreational areas on the lake offer 230 campsites, picnic areas, boat launching ramps and group picnic shelters available by reservation.

Location: Millwood Dam is located on the Little River 16 river miles upstream from its confluence with the Red River. It is about seven miles east of Ashdown, Arkansas.
  • Black and White Bass
  • Largemouth and Spotted Bass
  • Blue Catfish
  • Crappie

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