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Big Hole River Sponsored by
Date 19-Jun-17
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : Big Hole River: The bighole has been on a consistent drop now down below 5000 CFS in melrose. This week the beginnings of the Salmon fly hatch started and it should just get better this weekend and into next week. They are in sporadic pockets along the river where the conditions have been the right temp. Look for them in the stretch below divide first. Up high keep the standard nymph fare in your arsenal and tie on a girdle bug followed by a caddis pupa or soft hackle lightning bug. Twitching this rig along the slow pockets is a great bet. Keep in mind that up high you'll still find as many fish in the middle of the river as on the banks. Search out those boulders that create those long midstream pockets. Look also for those grassy under-cut banks and slow water along them...a black buggger can be deadly in these areas. Dont be afraid to nymph a streamer such as a big wooly bugger, mccune's sculpin, or a zirdle bug. This is also a good time of year to rip and strip your best big streamers. A large white streamer pitched at the bank and retrieved hard can hit some of the true giants that inhabit this stream. This river is notoriously difficult to wade, please be careful while wading the heavy water. Additionally, take caution while floating. Below wise river is some difficult water to maneuver, pay attention to what is ahead of you. There is not much margin for error at these high levels.

Dries| Low-Rider: 20-22, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Elk Hair Caddis: 12-14-16, Missing Link Caddis: 14-16, AC Caddis: 14-16, X Caddis: 14-16-18, Flutter Bug: 4-6, Cat Puke: 4, Dog Puke: 4, Grillo's Palamino: 4-6

Nymphs| Serengold: Olive 14-16, G6 Caddis: Amber: 14-16, Edible Emerger: Tan 14-16, Electric Butt Caddis Pupa: Olive & Tan 14-16, Rubberlegs Olive, Olive/Brown: 6-8-10, Ugly Bug: 4-6-8, Mega Hares Ears:Olive Crystal Bugger 6-10 6-8 Red Belly Yuk Bug: 2-4 Coppertone Delektable: 6-8 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Purple: 14-16 IED Worm: 10 Copper Johnson Yellow, Red, Blue: 12-14-16-18 BHFBPT: 12-14-16

Streamers| JJ Special: 4- 6 Sculpzilla's Tan, Olive, Black: size 4-6 Haymaker Sculpin Olive, Brown: 4 Bellyache Minnow Tan, Olive: 1/0-1 Micro Zonker Tan, Olive, Black: 8 Fatheads Yellow: 2 Sex Dungeon Yellow, Rust, Natural: 2 Home Invader Yellow, Olive Space Invader: 2 Flash Fry Brown & Yellow: 2 Space Invader Brown Yellow, Tan: 2-4-6; Brown/Copper Sparkle Minnow 4-6

Reported by: Montana Troutfitters

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About: - The Big Hole River comes to life in the Beaverhead Mountains south of Jackson, Montana, as the outlet of Skinner Lake, elevation 7,340. Throughout the 155.6 miles it flows, the Big Hole takes on many faces. From its beginning as a small mountain stream, the Big Hole flows north to Wisdom, where it gains strength by joining with the North Fork and flows northeasterly for about 25 miles. (more on Fishing Montana's Big Hole River)
  • Artic Grayling
  • Brook
  • Browns
  • Cutthroat
  • Rainbow
  • Whitefish

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