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Utah Fishing Report

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Flaming Gorge Sponsored by
Date 26-Aug-16
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : FLAMING GORGE: Fishing is fair to excellent, depending on species and location. The water is 70°F in the Canyon (Utah portion of the reservoir).

Kokanee salmon: Fishing is fair to good. Many of the kokanee caught last weekend were found at around 40 to 50 feet. If you're not graphing fish, try another location. If you're graphing and not catching fish, change your lure. Try both spoons and dodger/squid combos. Good spoons to try include #1 and #2 Needlefish in pearl/red, silver/red and pearl bikini, along with Rocky Mountain Tackle Viper spoons in tequila sunrise and Caribbean sunset. Silver dodgers are a great attractor, followed by squids in pink, orange or white. Try smaller squids (1.5 inches) for wary fish. A good average speed is 1.8 miles per hour, but you should vary your speed by doing S-turns to see if fish want the lure faster or slower. Remember, the kokanee salmon season closes on Sept. 10.

Rainbow trout: Fishing is fair. Surface temperatures are warm, but you can expect fishing to pick up as the mercury drops. Fall fishing can be exceptional for rainbow trout. Try casting jigs near creek inlets along the length of the Canyon Region of the reservoir. Also, while fishing near shore, let your jig drop further in the water column where temperatures are cooler (20 to 40 feet). Anglers trolling for kokanee or lake trout will often catch rainbow trout using similar gear at similar depths. Shore anglers are having some success soaking worms and PowerBait early in the morning and late in the day.

Lake trout: Fishing for lake trout is good. Reports have been spotty, but they're getting better, specifically in the Canyon Region. Anglers are catching smaller lake trout (pups) while trolling at 60 to 70 feet near steep drop-offs and main channel points. Last week, anglers caught several pup lake trout trolling along the red cliffs in Sheep Creek Bay, as well as along the east wall in Jarvie's Bay. Fish were suspended above the bottom at around 60–80 feet. Lures like the Rocky Mountain Tackle Viper spoon in tequila sunrise, Northland Forage Minnows in rainbow trout and Rapala crankbaits in rainbow trout were most productive. The boat speed was 1.6–1.8 miles per hour. If you locate a good concentration of lake trout, try dropping a white tube jig, or jigging a spoon tipped with sucker/chub meat.

Smallmouth bass: Fishing is great. Fishing for smallmouth bass is great. Smallmouth are most active now with the warmer weather. They can be caught using a variety of methods and techniques. Jigs in 1/4- to 3/8-ounce weights rigged with tubes, curly tails, hula grubs, etc., in earth tone colors are almost always a good choice. Drop shot rigs with four-inch artificial worms or minnows are also very effective. For some excitement, try top water poppers early and late in the day when the conditions are calm. The surface activity can be exceptional this time of year.

Burbot: Fishing is fair for burbot. Burbot activity decreases in the warm summer months, so expect spotty success. Look for burbot on rocky points and shorelines in 20 to 40 feet of water. As always, fish at night and use glow-in-the-dark lures like Yamamoto grubs, Radical Glow tubes, Maniac Cutterbugs and Northland Buckshot spoons. Tip the lure with sucker or chub meat and recharge the glow frequently. Jig the presentation close to the bottom.

Reported by: Utah D.W.R

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