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    Idaho - Agreement Reached for Fishing Access on the Little Salmon River
    All property on both sides of the Little Salmon from its confluence with Rapid River downstream to milepost 193 is now private,....

    "I can't believe we've lost so many bats, so quickly....

    Minnesota - DNR adds 2 miles metro trout fishing opportunities along Vermillion
    "These properties are a great addition to the region's outdoor recreation system, especially...

    Wisconsin - Extended ice cover expected to cause more fish kills
    Cunningham says it's rare for lakes to experience total winterkill.....

    Plenty of ice-free waters in north-central Utah..

    Texas - Colorado River Guadalupe Bass Is Multiple State, Potential World Records
    Fish on display at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens..

    Idaho - Clearwater Anglers Can Keep the Big Ones
    "B-run" steelhead are those that spend two years in the ocean as opposed to "A-run"

    Washington - Three tributaries of Columbia River designated wild steelhead gene banks
    WDFW first identified wild steelhead gene banks as a recovery strategy in the Statewide Steelhead Management Plan...

    Washington - WDFW seeks comments on proposal to acquire access to Chapman Lake
    Once a popular fishing spot, the 128-acre lake near Cheney has been inaccessible to the public since...

    California - Warm Springs Hatchery Begins Spawning Operation for Russian River Steelhead
    Warm Springs Hatchery is located just below Warm Springs Dam on Lake Sonoma, approximately 14 miles above the confluence of Dry Creek...

    Minnesota - DNR proposes to extend fall southeastern Minnesota trout season
    Other proposed changes include allowing catch-and-release angling on designated trout streams...

    Oregon - States set spring Chinook seasons for Columbia River
    The Columbia River spring Chinook seasons are based on a forecast of 227,000....

    Wisconsin - Statewide general permit for fish habitat structures ready to use
    "Fish sticks" projects are paying off in northern Wisconsin lakes by providing more critical habitat...

    Texas - Parks and Wildlife Commission Approves Expansion of Zebra Mussel Rules
    Anglers are allowed to transport and use commercially purchased live bait in water provided they have a receipt that identifies the source of the bait....

    Arkansas - AGFC plans to add agricultural lime to Harris Brake Lake
    In the late 1990's, fisheries biologists noticed a drastic decline in the lake's sunfish populations, especially redear...

    Minnesota - Legacy Amendment helps clean up Crow River in St. Michael
    river banks at a bend in the Crow River on the east side of St. Michael have slowly been eroding...

    Idaho - Forecast Looks Good for Chinook Salmon Season
    forecast for numbers of returning hatchery fish that anglers can harvest are similar to 2008 and 2009...

    Oklahoma - New state record rainbow trout breaks 47-year-old record
    He caught the fish from the west side of the lake using a copper-colored ....

    West Virginia - Tests Find Asian Carp eDNA in PA, WV Sections of Ohio River
    "Unfortunately, the test results provide some evidence that this invasive species could be in the upper...

    Wisconsin - Ice fishing season comes early
    Increasing numbers of people getting hooked on the hard-water season...

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