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  • Virginia Outdoor News

    Striper Record Shattered
    Location: Virginia

    Winter fishing is indeed slow, so here is an inspirational tale: While most of us were overdoing it at the holiday feasts, others were out on the water, catching what seems to most of us, to be catches that are somewhere beyond fantasy and science fiction.

    In Virginia, Jim Sheffield of Richmond pulled off a feat that is not only noteworthy, it may be a world record.

    Sheffield was fishing alone out of Kiptopeke on the southern end of the Eastern Shore in hopes of landing a striped bass in the 22 pound range before the season closed on December 31. So why that weight?

    He was fishing with two-pound line, trying to set a world record for a stripe taken on the ultra light tackle.

    Sometimes, as they say, a plan comes together.

    This time, Sheffield's plan came together in a way he admits he never expected.

    Sheffield didn't land a 22 pound striped bass, he landed a monster that International Game Fish Association officials say won't just break the record, it will completely obliterate it.

    After an hour long battle, the Virginia Angler's Club member landed a striped bass that weighed 50 pounds, 9 ounces, more than double the current two pound test world record.

    Dr. Julie Ball, IGFA representative for the Virginia Beach area, says Sheffield's catch wasn't without its moments of doubt. In addition to being down to nearly no line remaining on his reel, Sheffield also wrapped the line around the trim tabs and lower unit of his engine and had a drifting Wal-Mart bag snarl up his drifting two-pound line.

    Dr. Ball has begun the process of certification of Sheffield's catch with the IGFA.

    Courtesy of The Fishing Wire, January 4, 2008, Jim Sheppard

    News Source: Virginia - Jan. 24, 2008

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