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  • Idaho Outdoor News

    Sturgeon Come to Upper Snake
    Location: Idaho

    This week IDFG stocked 74 white sturgeon, ranging from 14" to 3 feet in length in the Snake River by Idaho Falls. The fish were provided by the College of Southern Idaho aquaculture program and are being introduced purely to provide a new, unique sport fishery to the area.

    Although white sturgeons are native to Idaho, they are not naturally found above Shoshone Falls. In 1990 they were stocked below American Falls Dam, where they have provided a popular fishery. The fish are expected to grow 3-6" per year. If they stay in the area and grow as expected, there will be several 3-5 foot sturgeon five years from now. Anglers fishing the area need to be aware that there is no sturgeon harvest allowed in the state.

    In fact, it is unlawful to remove white sturgeon from the water. They must be held in the water and released immediately. These are very long-lived, slow growing fish. If anglers handle them very carefully and they aren't illegally harvested, they might well be around for 20 to 30 years.

    News Source: Idaho Fish & Game - Oct. 26, 2007

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