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  • Texas Outdoor News

    Zebra Mussels Emergency Order For Two More Texas Lakes
    Location: Texas

    An emergency order adding Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville to the list of water bodies under special regulations was signed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director Carter Smith on July 31. The regulations are intended to control zebra mussels after the destructive invasive species was found in Lake Ray Roberts north of Denton in mid-July. These two lakes now join Lake Texoma and Lake Lavon on the list of lakes governed by amended regulations passed earlier this year by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Read more about the recent discovery in this story.

    Boaters are asked to drain all bait buckets, live wells, bilges and any other systems or receptacles that could contain water before leaving the lake. This is to prevent accidental transport of zebra mussel larvae, which are too small to be seen without a microscope. This video demonstrates the "clean, drain, and dry" process.

    Zebra mussels are economic and environmental bad news. They clog public-water intake pipes, damage boat hulls, motors and water-cooling systems, and their razor-sharp edges make water recreation hazardous. As filter feeders, they compete with baitfish and affect game fish such as bass, striped bass and catfish. Zebra mussels colonize the shells of native mussel and essentially suffocate them.

    Thank you. Your help is crucial to protecting Texas waters

    News Source: Texas Park & Recreations - Sep. 05, 2012

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