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  • Utah Outdoor News

    Fishing Change Protects Rare Cutthroat Population
    Location: Utah

    What could be the first population of greenback cutthroat trout everfound in Utah will get some added protection through a change to thestate’s fishing rules.

    Division of Wildlife Resources Director Jim Karpowitz signed theemergency change this week. The change takes effect May 1. Greenback cutthroat trout Effective May 1,

    Beaver Creek -- a tributary to LaSal Creek insoutheastern Utah -- will be closed to the possession of cutthroattrout.

    Anglers will also be restricted to fishing with flies and lures only.

    "Trout were taken from Beaver Creek recently and geneticallytested," says Roger Wilson, cold water sport fisheries coordinatorfor the DWR. "The testing indicates this stream may contain apopulation of pure greenback cutthroat trout." "Because greenbacks are currently listed as a threatened speciesunder the Endangered Species Act, anglers may fish for them on acatch-and-release basis only." Wilson says protecting this unique cutthroat trout population will givebiologists more time to study it and develop a conservation plan.

    For more information, call the Division of Wildlife Resources’ Priceoffice at (435) 613-3700 or the DWR’s Salt Lake City office at (801)538-4700.

    News Source: Utah DWR - May. 05, 2009

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