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Sardis Lake Sponsored by
Date 11-Oct-17
Water Condition
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Conditions : Sardis Lake: The reservoir is on fall drawdown and falling fast to catch up to rule curve. The grass is out of the water now, and fish are following deeper water (river, creeks, sloughs, etc.) to the main lake as the water falls. Fall drawdown concentrates fish and generally puts predators in a feeding mode. Water temperatures are in the upper 70s to low 80s.

MDWFP angler creel surveys this past week found improved fishing as the winds were out of something other than the east part of the time. Crappie are still scattered by depth and area. Best luck for crappie anglers has been fishing 8 - 18 ft deep either slow-trolling jigs and/or minnows or pulling crankbaits in the main lake. Lately, jigs and minnows have been producing more keepers than crankbaits. Some folks are picking up a few crappie jigging the timber from Hurricane Creek to Holiday Lodge. White Crappie are suspending over creek mouths, old river and slough channels, dropoffs, and other bottom features. Expect a lot of short White Crappie from big 2014 and 2015 year classes, but the proportion of keepers has risen lately as the 2014 fish are growing over 12 inches. Fish bigger crankbaits, jigs, and minnows to discourage smaller crappie and/or replace treble hooks with single hooks and/or squeeze down the barbs to reduce injuries to released fish. Most White Bass have been incidental catches by crappie anglers, but they are schooling off sandy, main lake points feeding on shad where they can be taken on jigs, spinners, or small crankbaits. Teckville (Holiday Lodge), Cole's Point, and Wyatt's Crossing ramps have been good areas. There are no size or number limits on White Bass. For catfish, fish worms or stink baits in the creeks and river any time there is any rain runoff (unlikely this week). If no runoff, fish noodles (jugs) or trotlines 10 - 12 ft deep over deeper ledges where bigger blue cats are schooling. Folks drifting baits on a flat bottom are catching mostly smaller cats. Channel cats are more likely to bite worms, liver, or stinkbaits; bigger, more abundant blues ("white humpbacks") prefer minnows, cut shad, or flavored chicken. Largemouth Bass have relocated from the flooded grass to any nearby adjacent cover such as brush tops, timber, etc. where soft plastics have been most productive. Bass and catfish have been concentrated in creek and river channels moving to deeper water with the fast drawdown.

Use the third (river) ramp at Wyatt's Crossing now. The river from the Hwy 7 ramp is inaccessible unless you drag a canoe or kayak across the mud. The Indian Mound ramp at Hurricane Creek should be accessible sometime this week; 4WD is recommended until the road dries up.

The spillway had two gates open 8.0 ft each (3300 cfs) Tuesday morning. The best reports here have been for catfish on natural baits. For White Bass, drift a 2 jig rig just off bottom in the current or fish small crankbaits or tailspinner lures. For crappie, fish jigs and/or minnows under a bobber near the rocks or troll in the Lower Lake. Some Largemouth or Spotted Bass should be biting crankbaits or soft plastics worked along the rocks. The bad smell in the spillway is hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg gas) that is in solution in deep water where there is no oxygen in the upper lake. As deep water is drawn through the dam, the gas comes out of solution in the spillway when the water is re-oxygenated with splashing down the tunnel and rocks.

Reported by: MDWFP

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Misc Info: - (2016Starting July 22, 2015, the daily creel limit for crappie is 15 per person. Crappie must be over 12 inches. Anglers may use no more than 4 poles per person and no more than 2 hooks or lures per pole. There is a 40 crappie per boat limit for boats with 3 or more anglers. The 12 inch length limit does not apply to the reservoir spillway, but the spillway, including Sardis LowerLake, has a 15 crappie creel limit.

Starting July 22, 2015, limits on black bass (largemouth and spotted) go to statewide limits: no size limit, 10 fish per person daily.) The daily limit on black bass (largemouth and spotted) is 7 fish, any size.

The daily crappie creel limit is 15 per person. Crappie must be over 11 inches. Anglers fishing Sardis Lake may use no more than 3 poles per person and no more than 2 hooks or lures per pole. There is a 40 crappie per boat limit for boats with 3 or more anglers. The crappie length limit does not apply to the reservoir spillway, but the spillway, including Sardis Lower Lake, has a 20 crappie creel limit.

Sardis Lake Level



- Near Flood Stage
281.4' - Minor Flooding

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