November 18, 19

Hyde Drift Boat  Fly Fisherman Deluxe

AD Number: 3075 Area/Region:- Binghamton

State:- NY

Price:- $4,500.00
Sellers ID: EasternGuideService
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Phone: 6077654533

This is a 1995 Hyde  Fly Fisherman Deluxe drift boat. Fiberglass with Aluminum adjustable seats (3). Front bow storage. Seat Storage 8 deep. Removable rear knee brace. Rear pedestal seat telescopic adjustable. Anchor Deluxe Tempress Seats with removable cushions. Super Strong silicone bronze 5/8 inch oar locks. 2 x 9ft Fiberglass- Graphite composite Oars w/ oar keys. Integrated Bow -Shelf with knee brace and cup holders. High grade Rubber padding to protect against cleat damage. Full Cover

Also Included: Hyde Deluxe leaf spring Trailer. Anchor Nest Hyde Motor Mount

Category: Boats New & Used: Drift Boats

Seller's Info:
Member Name: EasternGuideService
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Phone: 6077654533

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