July 10, 20

Hyde 16' High Side Drift Boat

AD Number: 3070 Area/Region:- Cumming

State:- GA

Price:- $5,000.00
Sellers ID: lcgray725
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Phone: 9727689833

Hyde is the Industry Leader in drift boat value, innovation, and design, tried and tested extensively by three independent engineering colleges. From the resin used in the fiberglass to the drain plugs in the back, every aspect a Hyde boat has been carefully thought out. Hyde makes one of the best performing drift boats in the industry. You will build lasting memories as I have, safely drifting down the scenic Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky Rivers. Taking a buddy or child couldnt be safer than in a Hyde.

Category: Boats New & Used: Drift Boats

Seller's Info:
Member Name: lcgray725
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Phone: 9727689833

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