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Lake Hamilton Sponsored by
Date 22-Mar-18
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : Lake Hamilton: Capt. Darryl Morris at Family Fishing Trips said the crappie are still on the brush piles but are moving shallow to spawn. Water temp is 58. White bass are sticking to the shallow bays.

Phillip Kastner of Trader Bill's Outdoor Sports said on US97 that Saturday was such a beautiful day just stunning, that he got put his boat in and the first thing he did was hit a couple of pockets. Lake Hamilton’s temperature was around 60 degrees, getting to 62-63 later in the day with sun. There were just not a lot of black bass in the pockets yet, he said. “We all want them to be on the beds but they’re not quite there yet.” He said he went all the way to the very back of the Little Mizarn, to the very last shoal you can get to, and caught a couple of whites there. There weren’t a lot, though, so he stopped on the way back to where it opens up into the first big flat on the left. He threw a Rat-L-Trap there and caught some whites doing that. “They’re not on the river all the way up to the shoal yet, they’re still staging and moving up those creeks and rivers into the Little Mazarn.” Phillip said he figured the Big Mazarn would be about the same, so he ran up Hot Springs Creek, which he said is a different scenario because there is deeper water close to the flats and shallows in back. About halfway in, he caught some whites in there on a Shad Rap on the rocks. But deeper end near the condos where the water gets about knee deep, there weren’t any fish, he said. Likely it was too shallow. But the fish are staging in the mouth of the creek and with a few more warm nights the fish are going to be up in there very shallow. Whenever it’s night and the lows are in the 50s, that’s when you’re going to see these white bass really make a run. Also a factor is the coming full moon phase. Pay attention to that.

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About: - Lake Hamilton is located on the Ouachita River on the southern edge of Hotsprings. The 7,200-acre impoundment is one of Arkansas's most popular recreational and residential lakes.
  • Striper Bass
  • Walley
  • Catfish
  • Crappie

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