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Bull Shoals Lake Sponsored by
Date 10-Nov-17
Water Condition
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Conditions : Bull Shoals Lake: Del Colvin at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock said last weekend that the lake was at 655 feet msl, the water temperatures were about 64 degrees. By afternoon you can still find 68 d egrees depending on where you're at in the lake. It appears like the lake is through turning over. Del talked with some scuba divers who said that everything has evened out. The shad are moving, most of the bait has moved into the creeks. If you're fishing the make lake, guys are still bottom-bouncing for walleyes, trolling a little bit, and chasing the perch in the main lake points, secondary points, 28-34 feet is what he has been told. As far as bass fishing, they had a major cold front come through last week and Frirday it was 80 degrees. Del had a fishing trip Friday morning and caught a lot of fish, he said. It was windy, you get in the wind and just keep the trolling motor down and keep moving. If it's windy like Friday, you wanted to be in the wind. If you got out of the wind the bite was gone. So wind is really key this time of year. As far as the baits that have been working, Del says he's covering a lot of water and starting to p ick up a few fish on the wiggle wart. The spinnerbait is working. With the spinnerbait, you want to have a little bit of muddy water and wind. Also, the squarebill has worked. Del has been fishing relatively shallow, the deepest he's been fishing is 10 feet, he said. There is a little bit of deep bite setting up that seems to be on the secondary points, in the creeks that have the long points that go way out. Those points that have brush on th em and 28-32 feet of water, you're going to see fish and you'll catch them. You can use a shad-style bait, a Roboworm, things like that. They secondary pattern Del is running, he said, is he's going into these creeks and is fishing the channel swings, the deeper, 45-degree banks with the big, nasty rocks. Not so much the bluffs straight up and down but those bigger-than-football-size rocks. Those areas seem to be holding fish. If you fish that pattern in the main lake or close to the main lake, you will pick up some smallmouth bass. As you move into the creeks, it will be more largemouth. As the day warms up, you can get in the back of the flats and throw a squarebill around. Keep the topwater baits tied on. The Whopper Plopper bite has slowed down. That's been sporadic. Del said he expects that to come back a little bit, especially if the lake gets back into having 70 degree air temperatures this week. If you do get in the back and hit the channels wings, you can catch fish on a beaver-style bait or a jig. Del said he prefers the skirted jig if the water is dirtier. It's a bigger profile bait and will get you a little bigger fish. Del believes the fish up the lake are in a little better pattern than they are on the south end. The biggest thing this time of year, he said, is just to keep moving, keep the trolling motor down and don't be afraid to turn your hat around.

Reported by: Arkansas F&G

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