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Bull Shoals Lake Sponsored by
Date 13-Sep-18
Water Condition
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Conditions : Bull Shoals Lake: Del Colvin at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock said, “The days are getting shorter and the water is beginning to cool off a little bit and getting nice.” There are a couple of little things he’s been using that have been working, Del said. It's that time of year to do a lot of junk fishing. So, depending on the day, sometimes the hour, if you’ve got wind there's a couple different things you can do. The buzzbait bite has been going pretty strong. If you’ve got some wind you can throw a Whopper Plopper. He’s also catching few on the Zara Spook, or any of the walk-the-dog-style baits, out there in the bushes. A lot of these fish are moving up shallow, he said, and as it cools off, more and more will move up. Depending on the day, look for steeper banks, those 45-degree banks with chunk rock, football, basketball size rock – and wind. The water’s dirty and Del’s been throwing a Sweet Beaver-style bait up shallow in the rocks and he’s “been whacking quite a few with the jig” in green pumpkin orange or pumpkin blue, right outside the bushes close to the shoreline and dragging it back. Pay attention; you’ll catch a fish and they’ll be spitting out crawdads. “That’s how I ended up on that color.” If the water lays flat, you can still catch fish on the drop-shot. Those deeper fish are starting to move around a little bit, so you’re going to have to cover some water to stay on top of them. You can catch a few on the old redworm in the brush pile, again, depending on the day. If it’s hot and sunny, some of those fish will be off in deeper water. Del said he was catching fish from the surface down all the way to 27 feet of water. So, it’s that time of the year to keep moving and you’ll be able to stay on top of the fish.

Reported by: Arkansas F&G

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