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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 01-Oct-15
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Conditions : Southeast Region: Sheboygan County - In Sheboygan a few boats continue to fish inside the harbor with little success. Catch rates have been low, but a few lakers have also been reported out near 150 feet of water. Fishing from the piers in Sheboygan has been hit-or-miss. Some days are decent off the south pier, and other days are slow. Spoons and crank baits fished near the mouth of the river have produced mostly browns, followed by chinooks and coho. Fishing pressure off the north pier has been minimal. The Sheboygan harbor temperature is 58 degrees. On the Sheboygan River, chinooks can be found throughout most stretches, but in relatively low numbers. Decent numbers of browns have been reported in upstream areas, and many have been caught by fly anglers using brightly colored egg patterns. A few chinooks have been landed near Esslingen Park on bright spoons. The fishing has been slower in downstream areas near the 8th Street ramp. The water temperature was 60 degreeson Sunday near Esslingen Park. The Pigeon River has low water levels, and no salmon have been reported.

Ozaukee County - In Port Washington fishing has been generally slow throughout the harbor area. The best spot was right by the power plant discharge, where anglers reported a fairly equal number of chinook, browns, and coho caught on skein. Crank baits and plastics were successful on the south wall and harbor side of the breakwall, but fewer fish were reported here than farther inside the harbor area. A few chinook were reported from near Rotary Park, mostly on skein but also a few on crank baits. Few fish were caught in the north slip. The Port harbor temperature is 58 degrees. No anglers have been seen fishing Sauk Creek, but some salmon were seen moving upriver on Tuesday.

Milwaukee County - In Milwaukee the number of shore anglers has increased as chinook and browns continue to move into the Milwaukee harbor. Despite trout and salmon being seen jumping on the surface in the harbor, fishing has been fairly slow. A couple of chinook have been taken on spoons, Gulp, and crank baits off McKinley Pier. Two anglers in Veterans Park landed a couple of kings and a coho on shad and firetiger colored crank baits. Anglers at Summerfest landed a few coho, rainbows, and brown trout recently with minnows and shiners. The Summerfest gates in Lakeshore State Park were opened this week, and the rock shoreline behind the Summerfest grounds is now open for fishing. Large numbers of trout and salmon are in the Lakeshore State Park lagoon, but only a few anglers have been targeting those fish. A few trout and salmon were landed on Oak Creek over the weekend. On the Milwaukee River, the majority of fishing pressure has been at Kletzsch Park, with the area near the falls rather crowded at times. Most of the fish caught at Kletzsch have been brown trout, along with a couple of coho and rainbows. Orange yarn flies, black spey flies, and spinner baits have all taken fish. A few nice size smallmouth bass and rock bass were caught near the Estabrook Park falls on twister tails and artificial night crawlers. A couple of 3-4 pound catfish were caught at Estabrook by anglers fishing with chicken liver. Fishing effort on the Menomonee River remains low. Very few trout and salmon were seen or caught on the river during the month of September but that should improve with the next rainfall.

Racine County - In Racine the few boats that were interviewed reported catches of both chinook and coho salmon, and most of the fish were caught trolling within a couple hundred yards of the south pier. The number of coho caught recently has been increasing. Fishing pressure has been high on Racine's south pier and slightly lower on the north pier. Anglers have had success in both the early morning and late afternoon fishing with spawn on bobbers. Chinook and coho have been caught in decent numbers from the end of south pier to the rocks extending into the harbor. Decent numbers of browns have been caught from shore by the Pershing Park boat ramp and off the floating dock. In addition, shore anglers fishing in the Racine harbor have been catching chinooks and coho on spawn under a bobber. On the Root River, the number of anglers has increased since rain fell last Thursday. Fish have been caught at multiple spots along the river by fly anglers using spawn imitations. The Horlick dam has been a productive spot for chinook, as well as in Quarry Lake, Lincoln, and Island Parks. The Root River Steelhead Facility is up and running, but very few fish are moving upstream at this point. Since the facility was started on September 21, DNR crews have handled a total of 21 Chinooks, 5 coho, and 12 brown trout. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Root River Open House on Saturday, October 10!

The Root River Steelhead Facility will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, Oct. 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend this fun-filled event, whether you're a novice angler, a veteran angler, or just like to eat fish! Enjoy guided tours of the facility with DNR crews demonstrating fish spawning procedures. Volunteers from local fishing clubs will provide fishing rod casting lessons, fly casting, knot tying, fly-tying, tips for cooking fish, and much more. For more information, please call 414-750-8382.

Kenosha County - Kenosha shore anglers have been catching browns and occasional chinook from the north and south piers. Most anglers have switched from using tube jigs to fishing with spawn on a bobber or on the bottom. Fishing pressure is high from the shoreline near the mouth of the Pike, but not many anglers have had success. The mouth of the Pike is very narrow due to a decreasing flow. Fishing effort upstream on the Pike River has been very low. A few anglers reported catching chinook last week right after the rain, but no fish were reported this week. Flow has been decreasing all week, and the river is relatively low. If we get a decent rain in the next two weeks, fishing will improve on the Pike.

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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