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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 13-Apr-14
Water Condition
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Conditions : Southeast Region: Sheboygan County - In Sheboygan the Sheboygan River temperature was approximately 38-40 degrees at various locations along the river Sunday morning, and the whole river is now ice free. The overall water clarity is good in most stretches of the river. Anglers were seen fishing below the Kohler dam with a few reports of rainbow trout being caught, but there was no specific lure or time of day that out produced any other. Anglers were also seen fishing behind the Wildwood athletic complex. A few brown and rainbow trout were reported caught on small spinners. On the Pigeon River the water is fairly clear, and a few anglers have been seen near the quarry as well as the wayside on Lakeshore Drive. A few rainbows have been caught. At the Sheboygan lakefront, all boat launches are finally free of ice. The launch piers at Deland Park have been put in. Shore anglers fishing off the south pier have taken a few small browns on spawn sacs or small bright green or blue spoons fished off the lake side of the pier.

Ozaukee County - In Port Washington public access to the north pier is not allowed at this time. Signs have been posted at the entrance to pier to remind the public that no one is allowed on the pier for their own safety. Anglers fishing off of the south pier near the power plant have caught a few small brown trout using small spoons in blue and green colors. Anglers have been seen catching rainbow trout near the power plant discharge. The best baits were spawn sacs fished on a three way rig about 12 inches off the bottom in the current. The overall water clarity of the area has improved. There were a few boats seen fishing within the breakwater in Port Washington with a few brown trout being reported caught on crank baits inside the harbor. The marina put in the launch piers last week. The water temperature in Sauk Creek was approximately 38-40 degrees with below average water clarity due to recent rainfall. Anglers reported seeing a few rainbow trout in a few deeper holes near the high school and at the mouth of the creek. A few suckers have also begun to move up into Sauk Creek.

Milwaukee County - In Milwaukee fishing pressure remains fairly high in the mornings when the weather has been nice. On the Menomonee River, anglers continue to catch a few steelhead near Miller Park on spawn sacs and bobbers, but effective trips still remain hit or miss. Water temperatures are slowly rising and vary depending on the day from 35-39 degrees. The Milwaukee River has started to attract more anglers, but at lower numbers. An abundance of white suckers have been found below the falls at Estabrook Park, signifying a rise in water temperature. Water levels have been dropping on both rivers. Decent numbers of brown trout have been caught from shore behind the Summerfest grounds. The bait of choice has varied among spawn, plastic jigs, and live bait. Some anglers were also able to take fish on spoons. There have been some anglers reporting small coho salmon being caught as well from Summerfest, which provides hope for an increase in consistent success from the shoreline anglers in the month of April. The fishing pier at the Oak Creek Power Plant remains closed until next week. Boats fishing out of Bender Park have reported success for brown trout on almost anything from crank baits to spoons. Ice still covers McKinley Marina, but boats have been launching at Riverfront Ramp or South Shore Park to fish the Milwaukee harbor. They are reporting success jigging near the discharge, towards the bottom with spawn sacs and gulp bait. Trolling around the harbor with spoons and crank baits has also been effective during the early morning.

Racine County - In Racine, flows on the Root River have been dropping over the past week, and the water is fairly clear. Fish were processed at the Root River Steelhead Facility on Monday, April 7. Both Chambers Creek and Ganaraska strains of steelhead were spawned, and 121 steelhead and 1 brown trout were passed upstream. The next processing day will be Monday, April 14. Anglers fishing upstream of the facility have been catching rainbows and occasional browns from the Horlick dam through Quarry Lake Park and into Colonial Park. Flies, spawn sacs fished under slip bobbers, and tube jigs tipped with wax worms have all been effective. Downstream of the weir fishing pressure has been increasing, with decent numbers of rainbows caught in Lincoln Park, Island Park, and Washington Park. Boaters have been catching good numbers of browns at the Oak Creek Power Plant, as well as a few coho off the Racine shoreline. Three of the floating docks were in the water at the boat launch on Sunday, but the fish cleaning station at the boat launch has not opened yet. Shore fishing pressure has been light off the piers, but a mix of rainbows, browns, and a few coho have been landed off of both the north and south piers. Crank baits and small, brightly colored spoons have been productive.

Kenosha County - In Kenosha the Pike River is relatively low and clear with a temperature hovering around 40 to 41 degrees. Fishing pressure and success increased over last week, with steelhead taken in Petrifying Springs Park and near the County Highway E bridge. Spawn fished under a slip bobber and white tube jigs tipped with wax worms have produced. At the lakefront in Kenosha fishing off the piers has been slow, but anglers fishing between the 50th Street Bridge and the Navy Memorial have been catching browns on spoons and white tube jigs. Most of Southport Marina now has open water. The ice in front of the Simmons Island boat launch is gone, and the ramp docks are in the water.

Waukesha County - Ice is starting to pull back from the shoreline of many lakes, making travel on lakes very treacherous. Some lakes have reported minor fish kills resulting from the long and snowy winter. Northern pike spawning is underway and in some places is past peak. Muskies and walleyes are beginning to run up rivers looking for good spawning sites. Susan M. Beyler, fisheries work unit supervisor, Eagle

Walworth County - Most lakes around the county still have a considerable amount of ice cover. As of April 1, Lake Geneva had on average 15-18 inches of ice. Though the lake is no longer accessible by recreational vehicles as the access areas have opened up due to runoff from area subdivisions. Fishermen were doing well with crappies and pumpkin seeds off of Trinkies boat launch. Please use caution when ice fishing this time of year as conditions can change within hours.

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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