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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 26-Aug-16
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Conditions : Southeast Region: Sheboygan County - No fish were reported caught anywhere on shore on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this week. The water was very rough on Saturday with high winds and both piers were closed for most of the day. There was very high fishing pressure on the piers on Sunday. One angler caught an 18-pound brown trout from north pier and another angler on south pier caught three smaller brown trout. The water conditions and weather this weekend made it difficult for boat anglers. Fishing pressure was low overall. One boat caught three chinook on Friday morning, and no boats were seen out on Saturday. Sunday a couple brown trout, one coho, and one chinook were caught, but most boats didn't have any fish.

Ozaukee County - Fishing on north pier was very slow all week. A few small perch were caught and released on Thursday afternoon. Several anglers reported seeing chinook surface and getting a few hits on Friday evening, but only one large chinook was landed. Nothing was seen caught on Saturday or Sunday. Fishing in Coal Dock Park has been picking up a little. A smallmouth bass and a freshwater drum were caught by the power plant discharge on Thursday afternoon. Sunday had high fishing pressure in this area; 12 brown trout were caught in many different spots, along with two rainbow trout, two coho salmon, and one chinook salmon. The water temperature all around the shoreline was much cooler on Sunday than it had been over the past few weeks. Boat anglers did well on Thursday and Friday catching mostly chinook salmon, but also some rainbow trout, and an occasional lake trout and coho salmon. There were very high winds on Saturday. Sunday was much less successful; many boats came in without any fish. One boat caught two rainbow trout and another caught two chinook in about 80 feet of water.

Milwaukee County - In Milwaukee a cold front with 10-20 mph west winds (gusting to 31 mph) on the weekend brought colder water close to shore. The surface water temperature on the lake side of the pier decreased to 53 degrees on Sunday morning (Aug. 21). The fishing pressure and catch rate on the pier increased Sunday morning with 15-20 anglers showing up for the early morning bite. One angler landed two large kings (18 and 22 pounds) while casting white gulp from midnight to 7 a.m. Another angler landed an 8-pound king. A 6-pound brown was landed by an angler casting a wonder bread glow-in-the-dark spoon. Small rainbow trout (12-16 inches) were landed in the Summerfest harbor over the past few weeks with spoons and fathead minnows. A few perch (10-11 inches) and small crappies were landed on the Grant Park shoreline by anglers fishing with fathead minnows. Fishing pressure on the Oak Creek Power Plant pier increased on Sunday when the water temperature dropped. A 6-pound chinook salmon was caught on the pier Sunday morning by an angler casting a green/silver cleo. One boat fishing out of McKinley landed four kings on Thursday night (Aug. 18) while trolling spoons and frog flies, 55 feet down in 80-90 feet of water off the TV towers by Capitol Drive. The water temperature was 49 degrees at 55 feet down. Another boat landed nine kings (2-17 pounds) and one lake trout Saturday morning while trolling in 100-120 feet of water from the north gap to Whitefish Bay and back. Three of their kings were caught on meat rigs and the rest were caught on glow-the-dark spoons. Most of their fish were caught 40-60 feet down (near the thermocline). Charter boats out of McKinley landed nice catches of rainbow trout with spoons in the top 40-50 feet of the water column in 200-250 feet of water. One of the charter boats landed two large kings (19 and 23 pounds) while trolling spoons inside the McKinley harbor near the main gap. Boats out of Bender Park landed nice catches of fish in 40-50 feet of water during the late night bite.

Racine County - Fishing was still slow for Racine area trollers this past week. Most fished in 100-160 feet of water and caught mostly rainbows and lake trout. Trollers had the most success with flasher/fly, dodger/fly, and spoons. Anglers typically caught between three and five fish. Recently a few trollers fished near shore in 20-50 feet hoping for some king salmon. These anglers caught mostly small brown trout, but a few caught king salmon. The surface temperature in 20-50 feet of water was around 64 degrees. At 100-160 feet of water the surface temperature was 69 degrees. Many pier anglers were fishing, but only one small brown trout was reported, and one king salmon was caught. The water temperature was consistently at 73 degrees last week, however since the west winds started the temperature has dropped to 62 degrees. If the water temperature continues to drop more salmon and trout should be caught.

Kenosha County - Fishing was still slow this week for trollers out of Kenosha. Most anglers caught between zero and four fish, made up of mostly rainbows and lake trout. Trollers fished in 120-180 feet of water, and used flasher/fly, dodger/fly, and spoons to catch fish. A few fished in close near the Pike River mouth or trolled in 20-45 feet of water. Most anglers caught nothing in the shallow water, but a few caught a couple of brown trout or king salmon. The water temperature in 20-45 feet of water was 64 degrees, and 71 degrees in 120-180 feet. A couple of small brown trout and one coho were caught this week in the harbor. The water temperature was 75 degrees, but has cooled down to 62 degrees from the recent west winds.

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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