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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 24-Oct-14
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Conditions : Southeast Region: Sheboygan County - In Sheboygan, the south pier cleaning station is now closed. There were some anglers that headed straight east of the ramp in 90-275 feet of water and had success catching rainbow trout and lake trout. The rainbow and lake trout were best caught using planer boards and down riggers. These anglers had the best luck using orange, watermelon, and silver iridescent spoons. Shore anglers have been fishing off of the docks at the boat ramp near Deland Marina. The anglers have been having some luck picking up a few chinooks and cohos anglers are having the best success catching fish with a three inch plastic minnow that is jigged along the bottom. Anglers have also had success fishing along the rocks in the marina near the gas station, those anglers are using small crank baits that are blue/red/white, they have been catching a few rainbows off the rocks there. The angles that are fishing along the rocks have also been using bobbers hooked with skein that had been successful catching a few chinook and coho salmon. The piers were not fished during the week but there has been numerous fish jumping but strong winds and rainy weather deterred most anglers. On the Sheboygan there has been many chinooks being caught upstream of Esslingen Park. Anglers were also fishing below the Kohler dam and had some success catching mature chinook. Most of the fish caught were spawning or spawned out, best baits has been spawn fished along bottom on a three-way rig.

Ozaukee County - In Port Washington, Anglers were fishing along the west slip wall near the power plant. These anglers had success catching smaller brown trout and some larger brown trout. The anglers were using either chinook spawn or skein. There were also chinook salmon and brown trout caught near the WE energies discharge. The chinook and browns were also caught on a three way rig hooked with skein or spawn sacs. There were numerous anglers fishing in the north slip through the week. The best spot to catch the mature chinook is in the north east corner of the north slip. These anglers were using a bobber rig hooked with skein. In the north slip small blue/red crank baits were also successful catching mature chinook salmon along the west side of the north slip. The bobber rig was very successful catching large chinook salmon on the rocks around the marina also. The fish cleaning station that is near the north slip is currently closed for repairs. There is a cleaning station open behind Ewig's. The fish cleaning station is located over the bridge and on the right side of the road across from the Coal Dock Park. Boaters have been fishing in 150-200 feet of water and catching some rainbow trout and lake trout. The anglers have had success using planer boards and down riggers. The down riggers have been successful set at around 20-30 feet down. Spoons and flasher/flies were both successful. Anglers have been fishing near the mouth of the creek having some success. The anglers are using fly rods and casting rods. Anglers have been using small spinner baits that are orange in color that have been successful. Also some anglers have had success using skein and a bobber that has also been productive catching mature chinook salmon.

Milwaukee County - In Milwaukee bad weather this week deterred most anglers from heading out, the only reported action has been on the Milwaukee River were most anglers have been fishing the falls in Kletzsch Park many salmon have moved into the river with the recent rains and most anglers are catching a few on salmon spawn or small black or orange flies fished along bottom.

Racine County - In Racine, Fishing pressure above the weir was steady Monday afternoon with an average of 8-10 anglers fishing above the weir in Lincoln Park. Schools of large chinook salmon and coho were swimming in the deeper pools from the weir upstream to the first bridge. 3-4 chinook were landed Monday afternoon by anglers using small dry flies and red play-doh. There was less fishing pressure in Colonial Park but the catch rate was good. A few anglers ended up with 2-3 kings after casting pink and red yarn flies. 2-3 anglers on average fished at Quarry Lake Park Monday afternoon. A couple of the anglers had good luck fishing with red and orange egg patterns and they ended up 3 chinook in their cooler. An angler at the Horlick Dam caught 2 kings on a small tan/silver fly and reported that he landed a total of 8 chinook at the dam during the past week. Most of the fishing pressure on Monday was below the weir. 15-20 anglers on average were seen during the day in Lincoln Park with the majority of them fishing near the Steelhead Facility. 2-3 chinook were landed between the anglers during the afternoon before heavy rain moved into the area. A few anglers continued to fish during the 2-3 hour downpour but there was a lot of debris in the water which made fly fishing difficult. 2 kings (14-16 pounds) and a 7 pound coho were caught in Island Park on spawn sacks and skein and all 3 fish looked relatively clean and light colored. The water was shallow in Island Park and it was easy to see large chinook salmon and coho swimming in and jumping out of the deep holes and pools. The water is normally shallow in Washington Park at this time of year but fly fishermen wading in the river in Washington Park this year have been waist deep in water. The water clarity in Washington Park is usually cloudy and locating the deep holes that hold fish is now done by memory or by walking into one while wading. 3-4 anglers landed one king Monday afternoon while fly fishing below the drainage pipe at the Cable Bridge.

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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