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Wisconsin Fishing Report

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Date 26-Jul-19
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Conditions : Southeast Region - Sheboygan County - Shore fishing effort has been nonexistent, but there were a couple trying their luck from the piers. A few anglers were seen targeting anything they could catch, but no fish were reported. There was plenty of bait variety used this week, anything to attract the fish. With the waves crashing over the piers, it made fishing farther out quite difficult. The Sheboygan ramps remained busy this week. There were consistently trailers seen at multiple ramps. Some were pleasure boaters, but most were fishing boats. Majority of anglers that were out came back successful. Most boats were averaging around four to five fish. The most targeted fish were kings. Most the fish caught were steelheads and lake trout, but there were a handful of kings seen as well. Those having the most success seemed to be fishing in deeper waters and using flasher flies, but all baits were used. There were a few trailers seen at the Cleveland ramp this past weekend, but no fish were reported. - CJ Usadel, fisheries technician, Plymouth

Ozaukee County - There was some fishing pressure seen along the shore and on the pier this week. Most anglers were not targeting anything in particular. A variety of bait was being used, but nothing seemed to be an overwhelming success. Very few fish were reported, and the fish that were reported were carp. Those that targeted the carp were the most successful. Some anglers were targeting perch off of the pier to but had no success. The water temperatures were in the high 60s. The Port Washington ramp was a little slower than usual this week with "Fish Days" festivities going on this weekend. Those that went out fishing had some success, but not to the previous degree in earlier weeks. Those that came back had two to three fish on average, with some not coming back with any fish. The fish most targeted were kings and coho. The most commonly caught fish were steelheads and Lakers, with a few good sized kings as well. Most of the success came from fishing deeper. There was a variety of bait being used, however spoons and flasher flies have been the most popular. A few trailers were at Amsterdam, but no fish were reported during the survey. - CJ Usadel, fisheries technician, Plymouth

Milwaukee County - McKinley Marina has been rather busy this week but success was hit or miss. Most boats only came in with a couple fish each, most of which were lake trout and steelhead. A few kings were seen but overall fishing remains slow. Shore fishing efforts on the north end of the city were slow this week, likely due to the heat and the rain over the weekend. Many anglers were targeting trout and salmon, but reported no fish. South City Shore fishing efforts have continued to increase at South Shore park, with many anglers fishing on the dock and near the yacht club. There was reported success with perch near the ramps. Fishing efforts at the south ramps were quite slow this week. Most boats were seen launching out of South Shore, but many were pleasure boaters. The fishing boats that did come in reported some success with steelheads and lakers. Only a few boats were interviewed at Bender this week and a couple fish were reported per boat. The Oak Creek Power Plant pier saw little effort this week, and no fish were reported. The pier was also closed on Saturday due to weather. - Jessica Jenkins, fisheries technician, Milwaukee

Racine County - Fishing activity this past week was constant from both shore and from boats. Salmon-a-Rama continued throughout the week and ended on Sunday. So many anglers were trying to catch more fish to enter in the tournament before it ended. There wasn't as many anglers as expected though. This could be due to the heat wave and the rain we had. The Racine piers and shorelines saw heavy action this week due to many anglers fishing the salmon tournament. Many anglers were targeting trout and salmon on the north and south piers. The most common baits were alewives or spoons. Nothing would work though as no fish were recorded. Anglers fishing from shorelines had a little more luck. Many shore anglers were targeting perch. The shore anglers had a little more luck. A few perch were caught throughout the week along with the occasional goby or rock bass. One small steelhead was also caught from shore during a survey time. It was caught using a minnow on a slip bobber rig. The rain and cold weather clouded the water and cooled the water down a bit. The ramp in Racine saw steady action throughout the week. The hot weather and rain seemed to cut down on boat activity a little bit. Many of the boats that came off the water were fishermen. Some anglers were fishing for whatever would bite but many anglers were targeting specific fish that they wanted to enter in the fishing tournament. Only a few steelhead were brought in on boats during survey times as well as only a few coho. A few kings as well as some brown trout were brought in as well. Anglers reported catching fish in as shallow as 30 feet for brown trout and as deep as 70 to 80 feet for the kings. Fish could probably be caught at deeper depths as well. Fishermen reported success using stinger spoons, flicker shads, flasher flies as well as dipsy divers. A few pleasure boaters were reported during survey times as well. The water temperature at the boat ramp was about 60 degrees. - Andrew Krecak, fisheries technician, Sturtevant

Kenosha County - Fishing activity in Kenosha this past week was busy from the shore but was very slow from the boat ramp. Many of the shore fishermen were trying to catch one last fish or two to enter into the tournament before it ended. Only a few fishing boats were recorded at the boat launch with pleasure boaters being much more common. The hot weather and rain cut down on much of the boat activity at the launch. The Kenosha piers and shorelines saw lots of activity during the week. Many of the anglers were trying to catch one last salmon or trout that they could enter into the tournament before it ended. Many different crankbaits and spoons were used. Minnows and even shrimp were even used with a slip bobber but unfortunately no fish were reported during survey times. A few anglers were still trying for perch and other panfish. They didn't have much luck either with only one perch and a few other random panfish being reported. The dredging and construction that was taking place around the harbor now seems to be finished which gives anglers much more room along the pier walls to fish. An event along the north pier on the north side of the harbor restricted access to anglers for a few days. The road was completely blocked off. The boat ramp in Kenosha didn't see very much action this past week. Only a few trailers were reported each day. A few of the boats belonged to fishermen while many boats contained pleasure boaters. Of the few fishing boats that came in there was only one lake trout and two kings brought in. The heat wave and rain kept most boats off the water. The water temperature at the launch was about 60 degrees. - Andrew Krecak, fisheries technician, Sturtevant

Reported by: Wisconsin DNR

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