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Ross Barnett Reservoir Sponsored by
Date 03-Dec-15
Water Condition
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Conditions : Ross Barnett Reservoir: Pelahatchie Bay Bass can be located in and around lily pads or mats of other aquatic weeds. Fishing with soft plastics or shallow diving crank baits may produce some nice fish. Bass may also be found in or near creek channel drops or small feeder creeks in the 8 - 10 ft depth range. Fresh water may make for a difficult bite over the next few days but improve as the water settles back down.

Crappie fishing has been good and should remain that way as fish continue to feed up in preparation for the winter months. Jigs and minnows should still be the go to baits this time of year. Trolling along creek channels and ditch runs is a very effective way to catch crappie during the fall and winter months.

Bream may be caught using worms or a cricket in 8 - 10 ft of water. Fish will tend to move deeper during the fall and winter months. Try fishing in the deeper areas around structure if shallow areas are not productive

Catfish tend to do well late in the evening or at night with almost any type of popular cat fish bait. Try water that is in 8 - 10 ft range and near creek channels or ditches.

Main Lake Crappie fishing can be very productive in the fall of the year. Fish will still be in deep water but feeding habits should improve. Deep standing timber, old lake beds, and creek ledges should be where fish are located. Jigs and minnows are the best baits to try. Trolling out in open water along ditches and creek runs is a very effective way to catch fish this time of year.

Bream may be found in 8 - 10 ft of water using crickets or worms. Smaller spinner type baits such as rooster tails and beetle spins can be productive as well. Fish wiil tend to move out in to deeper parts of the lake around structure during the fall and winter months.

With the weather and water temps cooling down, bass fishing should be very productive. Bank edges and shallow structure should be holding fish. Deeper points that contain structure can be productive also. Crank baits or plastic worms are good choices for these areas.

Catfish have been biting good on minnows around deep standing timber and out in open water on trot lines. Try fishing in 8 - 10 ft of water with almost any type of popular catfish bait.

Lower Lake Crappie tend to bite well during the late fall and winter months. Fish will still be deep and minnows and jigs will still be the best bets as for as lure choice. Deep standing timber, old lake beds and creek ledges should produce good numbers of fish. Fishing may be slow with all the fresh water but should begin to pick up as the lake settles back down.

Bass action should be good as the weather gets colder. Changing weather usually pushes fish to deeper parts of the lake. Plastic worms, drop shots or deep running plugs should be good choices for lures. Deep water humps or creek ledges are good spots for fish to be located.

Try for bream in 8 - 10 ft of water using crickets or worms. Colder weather tends to move fish to deep structure but will bite all through the winter months.

Catfish can be targeted around deep timber with rod and reel or out in the open water with jugs or trot lines. Minnows, cut bait, or liver should produce some nice fish.

Upper Lake Try for bream in 8 - 10 ft of water using worms and crickets. Fish will move to deeper parts of the lake around structure during the fall and winter months. Worms or crickets will still produce some nice fish.

Fall of the year is a great time to fish for crappie. Fish will still be deep and found around standing timber or creek ledges. The bite should be good as fish prepare for the winter months. Trolling is a good way to catch crappie out in open water along creek ledges and deep structure. Fising should be heating up around Hwy 43 bridge. The recent rainfall will be causing flow under the bridge and bait fish will be stacking up along the outer edges of the river channel.

Bass fishing should be good with the weather and water cooling down. Fish can be found along bank edges and shallow structure. Deeper points with structure could be be holding fish as well. Crank baits or plastic baits such as worms or lizards should be good lure choices. Recent electro fishing produced some nice fish in the lily pads around the Gilligan Island area and along the rocks of 43 hwy.

Catfish can be targeted with almost any type of popular catfish bait. Tight lining on the bottom with liver or using minnows around dead standing timber can produce some nice fish. Trot lines in and around timber, especially shallow water that is close to creek channels can be productive also.

Above Highway 43 Fishing may be slow with all the recent rainfall but should improve as the water begins to settle down.

Crappie fishing has been good lately and should remain good as fish will feed heavily in preparation for the winter months. Fish were reported being caught in 8 - 10 ft of water recently using jigs tipped with nibbles.

Cooler temperatures should improve bass action especially in shallow water. Top water lures or spinner baits can be very productive. Ledges along the main river run may be holding fish as well. Deep diving crank baits should be a good choice for these areas.

Catfish can be caught on trot lines in the shallower water off the main river channel. Bigger fish may be found as the water begins to get deeper nearing the main river channel. Floating jugs out in the main channel can be productive as well. With the river being at a low stage, deep holes anywhere in the river should be productive places for cats, especially flatheads.

Bream can be located in areas off the main river channel using crickets in 8 - 10 ft of water. Bream will typically hang out around structure during the winter months but will still bite given the opportunity.

Reported by: MDWFP

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About: - Lake Ross Barnett is one of our best known big bream lakes. Large bluegill and redear sunfish make this lake a popular attraction to anglers. In spring 2005, the average weight of bream kept by anglers was 0.5 pounds. The average weight in other agency-owned fishing lakes is 0.4 pounds. A high percentage (67%) of anglers came to fish strictly for bream, and anglers kept 77% of the bream caught.

Small largemouth bass are numerous and anglers are encouraged to harvest bass that are 10-14 inches long. During spring 2005, bass anglers kept only 18% of the bass that were caught and the average weight was 0.7 pounds. This is well below the average weight for harvested bass in other agency-owned lakes (1.7 pounds).

The majority of anglers (49%) during the spring of 2005 were from Smith and Covington Counties. Jones County anglers made up 16% and 10% were from Simpson County. The remaining 35% came from five other Mississippi counties and 4% came from out-of-state.

There are 4 fish attractor buoys at this lake. Christmas trees have been placed around each buoy. These attractors are great places to fish for crappie in the cooler months of the year.
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  • Crappie
  • Catfish
  • Hybrid striped bass
  • Bream

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