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Date 12-Apr-11
Water Condition
Water Temperature  

Conditions : Rock River: WATER CONDITIONS: The Rock River is approximately 6 to 15 feet deep and anywhere from 500 to 1,000 feet wide. It sustains 97 species of fish. River levels

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Rockford Area

WATER CONDITIONS: The Rock River has lots of water. The Kishwaukee levels are good for fishing.

FISH: Crappie ... Slow; Fish are hitting near Byron and in the backwater areas of the Rock River near trees on minnows; also pretty good in the quarry.

FISH: Walleye ... Real Good; Amost spawning time! Need just a speck warmer water temperatures; look for them near the dam and in creeks.

FISH: Channel Catfish ... Fair; Some fish are biting in the river.

FISH: Northern Pike ... Fair to Good; Fishermen are successful in the creeks.

FISH: Trout ... Very Good; Four Lakes has been great with spoons, spinners, Berkley power bait, and the "Big Red Worm".

NOTE: Visit Rockford Bait in Rockford for your fishing supplies. A very friendly and helpful bait shop.

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Rockford Area

WATER CONDITIONS: The river levels are at 3.41 feet; water clarity is stained. Levels at Byron, south of Rockford, are at 9.4 feet.

NOTE: No Fishing Report Available

NOTE: Reported by Gander Mountain in Rockford.

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Oregon Area

WATER CONDITIONS: Water levels are high and above normal. Surface water temperatures are in the 40's.

FISH: White Bass ... Slow; Fish are being taken near the dam with minnows.

FISH: Walleye .... Fair to Good; Fish being taken near the dam on Paddletail Swim Bait. Fish measuring 25 inchs and 27 inchs were reported recently.

FISH: Northern Pike ... Fair; A 40 inch fish was pulled at the dam; chartreuse and pearl are good colors for lures.

FISH: Trout ... Fair to Good; Twin River's Lake had good success; other lakes were fair in the area; keep fishing for them - the fish are there.

NOTE: Jan at T.J's Bait and Canoe Rental in Oregon has great bait and fishing supplies for a successful fishing trip. You will enjoy her friendly and helpful service; stop by and see her soon! Canoes are ready to go!

FISHING AREA: Rock River -Dixon Area

WATER CONDITIONS: River levels are up and full; levels are near 11.2 feet. Fishing success is surprisingly doing well for this early. It's spring time and time to fish!

FISH: Walleye ... Good; Lots of smaller sized fish are hitting; an angler reported catching 30 but only keeping 3; Grandy Tour, Sterling, and Rock Falls are good places to look for them; Fishing is good one day and the next day not.

FISH: Channel Catfish ... Good; Success has picked up! Anglers are finding little sizes near Dixon, but better sizes above and below this area.

FISH: Flathead Catfish ... Slow; A 70 to 80 pounder was pulled from the river near the dam recently and put back in; it's still there to be caught again!

FISH: Trout ... Good; Anglers are successful catching fish with minnows, little ice jigs and powerbait; rainbow and sparkle are good colors. Some wax worms have also been used; smaller sizes of fish than last fall.

NOTE: Reported by Bunny's Bait Shop in Dixon. They have excellent fishing information and fishing supplies. Go see them for your fishing needs.

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Rock Falls Area

WATER CONDITIONS: water levels are high, but fairly normal for this time of year; o.k. for now.

FISH: Crappie and Bluegill ... Slow; Warmer water temperatures needed for increased angling success.

FISH: Walleye ... Good; Nice fish are being caught at the lower dam with a jig and minnow. Fish must be 12 inches to keep. Many anglers are releasing the females, it's very close to spawning time.

FISH: Catfish ... Fair; Angling success is picking up some.

FISH: Northern Pike ... Good; Lots! Look for them near where the park splits the river; nice fish up to 10 to 12 pounds are being caught. The numbers of fish has been amazing!

NOTE: Stop by and visit Al at Shriner Moble Bait Shop for your bait and fishing supplies.

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Sterling Area

WATER CONDITIONS: Water levels are a little high in this area.

FISH: Crappie ... Fair; Fish are starting to bite as they move up into shallower water depths of area lakes and ponds.

FISH: Bluegill ... Fair; Anglers are using wax worms under a bobber near the shallow weed lines or cover.

FISH: Walleye ... Fair to Good; A few fish are being reported hitting on a jig and minnow in the deeper levels at the dam; spawning soon.

FISH: Trout ... Good; Fish were reported hitting on minnows.

NOTE: Go to H & R Bait Shop in Sterling for bait. Stop by soon.

FISHING AREA: Rock River - Milan Area

WATER CONDITIONS: Water levels are high; get your fishing pole out and tuned up - the fish are biting!

FISH: Striped Bass ... Fair; 1.5 pound sized fish are being caught in the Rock River with yellow spinners.

FISH: Walleye ... Fair to Good; Anglers are picking up fish fish in the 1 to 2 pound range with pike minnows and jigs near the dam.

FISH: Sauger ... Fair; Anglers having pretty good luck with spoons; catching fish in the 1 to 2 pound range.

NOTE: E Z Living Sports in Milan would be happy to help you with your fishing supplies and bait.

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