Teton River Tourist Attractions

Mesa Falls Recreation Area
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 524-7500
Mesa Falls Recreation Area is owned by the US Forest Service and is co-managed with Harriman State Park, Idaho State Parks and Recreation.

Mesa Falls Recreation area has lots of things to do. You can simply enjoy the power and beauty of the falls and watch the osprey and eagles that frequent the area. The walkways make viewing safe for all. Please--to ensure your own and your family's safety--stay on the walkways at all times.

The Big Falls Inn opened as an interpretive center in the year 2001 . Visit the Center to see exhibits on the geology of the falls and canyon, history of the lodge, the river ecosystem, plants and animals of the area, the Forest ecosystem, cultural history of the area from prehistoric times to present, and maps of other parks and points of interest in the area.

There are several hiking trails in the area. The one-mile trail to the Lower Falls being approximately 200 yards to the east of Big Falls Inn..

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Fishing Info: The upper sections of the river runs through scenic Teton Basin just north of Driggs Idaho. With its flat valley floor, sandhill cranes and views of the Teton range it can be a wonderful experience for the both the fisherman and kayaker. The lower section has carved a narrow canyon and access to the river is not as convenient as with most eastern Idaho rivers. Exists are mostly at bridge crossings, since there are very few readily accessible roads that runs along the river.

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