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Alamo Lake Sponsored by
Date 25-Jul-14
Water Condition
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Conditions : ALAMO LAKE: Well folks, this going to be really quick. I have been in training this week and just got back. In a nut shell nothing has changed. Winds every day and the lake is continues to drop. I'm going to to determine today when I'm closing Cholla ramp down. It will be sometime this week. We had a boater get stuck and to be pulled out with a tow truck. The asphalt road way on the side the ramp is so under cut that it will do some serious damage to a trailer if it goes off the edge. So, plan on using the main rental boat road or the area to the right of the road. It still works great and I launch there every night. Shore fishing off the old rental boat area is excellent. I had a friend CJ tell me they caught a cat fish on every cast throwing worms and hot dogs. Bass fishing is still really good in the evening. Same old thing. Throw brush hog, feel the tick, set the hook, and be ready for the fight. I have been catching some really nice sized bass every night. Well my next meeting is here so gotta go.

Last Report (7/18) - You can pretty much see that it is out of the water. There is an asphalt road on the left hand side of the ramp that people are launching off of. We highly suggest using the old rental boat road or between the barrels. I have been launching there every night and have not had any problems.

Once again we have not had a lot of people out here, so all I can tell you is what I have done. I'm hitting the water daily around 4:15 p.m. Depending on the wind, I have been spending a lot of time up around the cliffs by the dam. The last couple of nights I have only averaging 15-20 fish a night. On both nights I have been pulling out two to three bass going more than 5 pounds.

The rest have been in the 3-4-pound range. I did catch one dink and a catfish. I'm still throwing the baby brush hogs in a brown color. Green also works. I hit three Walmarts while in PHX yesterday and they’re getting hard to find.

About the only thing I can catch with a crankbait is a stick, rock, or myself. No sign of any boils yet but I'm hoping they turn on soon.

The last couple of years has been a bust for boil fishing. Shore fishing is o.k. I had an angler stop by and tell me he caught a couple of bass, catfish and a turtle. No report on crappie fishing.

Fire restrictions have been lifted back to a stage one. This means you can have a fire in the park but only in the fire rings. This does not apply to the wildlife area.

The "no ski or towable devices" will remain in effect until the lake comes up.

Well that's about it for this week -- Love Mark

Reported by: Arizona F&G

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About: - Alamo Lake is nestled in the Bill Williams River Valley away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Alamo Lake State Park offers outdoor fun, premier bass fishing.
Directions: Alamo Lake State Park is located 38 miles north of Wenden and US 60.

Fishing tournaments are common at the lake and anglers have an excellent opportunity to catch bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and black crappie. Remember, the desert can be harsh and dangerous, but it is also very fragile. Help us protect it, and yourself, by camping in the designated camp areas and keeping vehicles on maintained roadways.(more on Alamo Lake)

  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Channel Catfish
  • Black Crappie

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