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Date 18-Apr-14
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Conditions : ALAMO LAKE: Well folks, I finally have a minute to bring you to date on what's happening out here. For those who want it fast: everything is biting right now. Bass fishing is really good. Training wheels (crank baits/spinner baits) and plastics are pulling in some nice sized fish right now.

Throw in a slash of chartreuse to the skirt or tail and you’re going to catch something. As you all know I throw 99 percent plastics, and only throw training wheels when I have to.

One angler reported catching more than 20 bass throwing crankbaits.

Another angler came in smiling saying they (the fish) destroyed his spinner bait.

According to the note that was left on my desk, some guys from Chino Valley caught 40 crappie, 12 bass, and 1 catfish. (Sorry guys, I couldn’t make out the name). I think this was on a night bite.

I'm not positive of this, but we have had some night fishermen out lately. You can still catch crappie up in the trees and around the buoy line. Slow down long before you get to the hazard line. Trees are popping up faster than we can mark them. Some anglers are still trolling around with a roadrunner jig and a minnow in 25 feet of water and catching 4-10 a day. Most of the crappie are on the move to spawn.

Cat-fishing is excellent. The cats are eating everything -- top water, crankbaits, plastics, hot dogs, night crawlers. You name it, they’re eating it.

It's fun to watch them bust the shad up onto the shoreline. If you see this, then throw something up on the bank, drag it back into the water, and hold your pole. We’re happy to say that all the bass we have seen come out of here are healthy and strong fighters.

The Game & Fish Dept is going to electro shock for fish next week. I'm lucky enough to get to go with them and give them a hand. Like I have mentioned in the past, they do this to find out how healthy the fish are, look for any disease, and stuff like that. It's very import to note: No fish are killed or hurt while doing this. If a fish gets a headache, he/she might have one for a few minutes, but that's about it. These guys have been doing this for years and have it dialed into a science. I learn something new every time I go out with them.

OK, moving on. The lake level is at 1089ish with releases of 25cfs. Cholla ramp still works but people are starting to have problems. Mostly loading. The ramp is steep and boats are getting hung up under the front roller. Just take your time and it will work. The asphalt ramp on the left; looking down, Cholla ramp is exposed. Some people keep moving the closed sign and using it. The asphalt is under cut and is dangerous.

I have to jump in the lake with some goggles to determine if it’s going to usable before I open it. Last time I did this back in ‘03-’04-ish, I got bit by a catfish and scared the crap out myself. The old rental boat road and between the barrels really work well.

I'm going to modify it and have everyone park in the upper lots. I think this is where we’re going to be launching at for the next couple of months.

OK, hot off the press. Lennie and his son Andre McNeil have been here for a week. They said they have caught well over 50 bass. Doesn't sound like much after what you just read, but they were crappie fishing.

Anyway, fishing is on. Bring sunblock and bug spray. No news on the bulkhead. I will write when I can. -- Mark

Reported by: Arizona F&G

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About: - Alamo Lake is nestled in the Bill Williams River Valley away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Alamo Lake State Park offers outdoor fun, premier bass fishing.
Directions: Alamo Lake State Park is located 38 miles north of Wenden and US 60.

Fishing tournaments are common at the lake and anglers have an excellent opportunity to catch bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and black crappie. Remember, the desert can be harsh and dangerous, but it is also very fragile. Help us protect it, and yourself, by camping in the designated camp areas and keeping vehicles on maintained roadways.(more on Alamo Lake)

  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Channel Catfish
  • Black Crappie

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